Produce Comes to Life in ‘Edible Ensembles’

Produce Comes to Life in ‘Edible Ensembles’


An illustrated guide to fashionable fruits and vegetables.

Alessandra Montalto/The New York Times

Nothing as obvious as a pumpkin-turned-coach inhabits the pages of this whimsical book of drawings. Gretchen Röehrs, whose drawings have appeared in The New York Times, illustrates a wardrobe of produce. The outfits and accessories, like chanterelle miniskirts, lettuce-leaf ball gowns, fennel fringes, fiddle-leaf earrings and yes, that banana jumpsuit (do not try this at home) are as chic as a spread in Vogue. They’re all arranged according to color in seven chapters: “Edible Ensembles: A Fashion Feast for the Eyes From Banana Peel Jumpsuits to Kale Frocks” by Gretchen Röehrs (Rizzoli, $24.95).

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