Recipe: How to make ‘utterly delicious’ halloumi fries in an air fryer

Recipe: How to make ‘utterly delicious’ halloumi fries in an air fryer

Halloumi has a strange texture straight from the fridge but when cooked correctly, it turns into a soft and flavoursome treat.

Frying is the most popular way to heat the sheep’s milk product, but it can taste even better when cooked in an .

And those who have one will be pleased to know that crispy, melted halloumi fries take just 15 minutes to make from scratch with this TikTok star’s recipe.

Sharing her family-friendly formula on her profile @askcharliehow, homemaker Charlie Gray claimed that the result is “utterly delicious”.

In a video demonstrating the recipe, Charlie said: “We love halloumi fries, so let me show you how I make them.”

Halloumi fries air fryer recipe

To make the fries, preheat the air fryer to 180C, then drain the halloumi from its packaging and slice it up into long, finger-like strips.

Pat them dry with a sheet of kitchen roll, then add them all to a medium-sized bowl ready to be seasoned. Add in the flour followed by the dried oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Toss everything together then shake off the excess flour by sieving the halloumi fries. As with most air fryer recipes, cooking these halloumi fries is incredibly easy once they’re prepared.

Simply lay the floury fries into the air fryer basket and allow them to fry for 15 minutes. It’s recommended to shake the fryer basket every three or four minutes during this time for the most even crispiness.

Ensure the heat remains at 180C from the moment the fryer is preheated until the cheese has cooked. Charlie claimed: “The hardest thing is waiting for them to cool down!”

When it comes to serving the air fryer treats, dips are a great option. The TikTok star suggested a homemade mayonnaise with sweet chilli sauce, which is her personal favourite.

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