Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones’: Just a Little Push

Rewatching ‘Game of Thrones’: Just a Little Push

In our last installment, we asked you how and when you started watching “Game of Thrones.” Thank you to everyone who wrote in: We love hearing about your “Thrones” obsessions. Here’s a small selection of reader memories, lightly edited for clarity.

‘A Bonding Thing’

My son Ben, then 16, wanted me to watch “Game of Thrones” with him when it first started. I thought it was about a video game. We had watched “The Tudors” together, with me covering his eyes for the naked parts. I made a plot diagram of the first book, which my son thought was quaint. “You know, Mom, they have those on the internet.” He’s 23 now. It’s been a bonding thing for us.

Miriam Louise Fisher
Fulton, Md.

Sick Day

I watched all of Season 1 with my wife in one day … the day after Super Bowl 46. I’m a Ravens fan, and the Ravens had just lost the AFC Championship in brutal fashion, and in order to get myself through the big game, I drank myself stupid with a friend. Needless to say, my wife and I called out sick on Monday and said, “Let’s try this ‘Game of Thrones’ show.” Ten hours and two food deliveries later, we were done with Season 1.

Ben Livingston
Columbia, Md.

A Presidential Pardon

I kept seeing references to “Game of Thrones” and whether Jon Snow was alive or dead. Then, I read that Barack Obama had approached somebody affiliated with the show at a Hollywood fund-raiser and asked them about Snow. So, that did it. I decided to find out what the fuss was about. I ordered the Season 1 DVDs from Netflix, and soon my husband and I were binge watching. I finally gave in and subscribed to HBO for Season 7, something I had avoided for years and years. Sigh. Now, I’ve read all the books and own a large book of maps of Westeros.

Katherine Benson
Rome, Ga.

The Winds of Summer

Back in the summer of 2011, as a sophomore in college, I stumbled across “Game of Thrones” when I was staying in an isolated log cabin in Rocky Mountain National Park. I threw on the pilot late at night expecting a medieval drama. I was not expecting a chilling, blue-eyed zombie child. Let’s just say the sound of wind rushing through the pine trees and creaky floorboards did not help me sleep that night.

Mariah Baerend
Boulder, Colo.

Shame of ‘Thrones’

I started watching it during Season 4 because my friends were raving about the gorgeous scenery from Iceland and Croatia. We are in our late 50s, long past our days of unicorns and princesses. Reluctantly, I started watching. Overall, I was terribly alarmed by the universe of moral ambivalence. It seemed like such a vivid parallel for today’s world. Now the show has become a ridiculous addiction that I dare not admit to my family or friends, but it is so fascinating and chilling that I can’t help myself.

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