'Saturday Night Live' shows Giuliani as 'Joker' | USA TODAY

'Saturday Night Live' shows Giuliani as 'Joker' | USA TODAY

‘SNL’ mixes movies and politics with ‘Joker’ Giuliani, ‘Ferris Bueller’

Matthew Broderick makes a surprise appearance as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

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  1. extra solar

    course they did. coz their entire candidate list is a circus of corrupt clowns and criminal clinton crew catastrophes. beto, biden, chief warren to heck, avenatti. so snl is a bit slow out of the gate very depressed and dejected trying to slop together some of their insecurities and ford flopped fears. better than scared criminal inbred meth hag manson family wannabe gangster trash stinking behind their 'culture' and 'defiance' at least. lol.

  2. Anniefanny Charles

    I love SNL. Always have. Some episodes better than others but after a few decades , what does it matter. They shine alot of attention on so much of America's current events. And 99% of the time its funny as hell. To the cronic complainers, shut the hell up and go watch something else. What, are you dimwits or what? You keep watching the same thing over and over but yet you don't like it. They certainly don't need your sponsorships!

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