Small act of kindness leads to a 5000% tip

Small act of kindness leads to a 5000% tip

After helping a young boy who didn’t have enough money to pay for his treat, a cashier got a surprise of his own. Find out how frozen custard brought two strangers together.

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  1. Sam Fusaro

    Good going young man that kind of attitude you'll make a good nurse you acted that way towards a child just think what you can do with the elderly I know that feeling I worked at a care facility with Alzheimer's and Dementia you are the type of person they need hospitals to doctors nurses or release all the way down the cleaning crew if you ever spend time in the hospital you know what I'm talking about

  2. Don Johnson

    I like the young man getting 100 tip,there r more good people in our world than bad.his act of kindness. Without expecting anything in return is how good karma works..there is hope as soon as trump is impeached lol

  3. asha2569

    when I worked at cracker barrel I waited on 6 people at one table and talked with them like I normally would do for my customers and they gave me an $80 tip. I was about in tears I was so happy, I tried to give it back and they wouldn't take no for an answer.. my coworkers were talking shit about me and that hurt a lot… thats when the managers started messing with me and I eventually was fired for calling off bcuz I was afraid to go to work bcuz of coworkers treating me poorly

  4. TheBoyBluu

    I remember a couple years back when I worked front desk at my local pool a hispanic family of 4 walked in, they asked how much and I told them. Im pretty sure it was $15 per person cause it was after like 3 pm. It’s usually $25 per person on weekends but after a certain time it gets cheaper. Im pretty sure they waited into that time thinking it was a lot cheaper and they were shocked to that it was still so much which I completely understand. Our pool is actually pretty nice with a couple slides and all as well as a basketball court but its not worth that money. I remember i had a free 10 pool passes for working there but didnt bring it with me. I really wish I had so I could of gave them it. It was actually so sad telling their kids they cant afford it and seeing them yelling and crying as they walked back to their car

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