Stacey Abrams refuses to concede in tight Georgia governor race

Stacey Abrams refuses to concede in tight Georgia governor race

Stacey Abrams appeared to refuse a concession amidst a tight race with candidate Brian Kemp for the governor of Georgia and also hinted at a run-off. Her campaign said they were waiting for tens of thousands of absentee and provisional ballots to be counted. Campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo predicted that neither candidate would reach a majority, sending the bitterly fought contest to a runoff election next month.

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  1. The Perspective

    Abrams, now you're just embarrassing yourself. Despite your cheating, the media bias and Hollywood shills, you STILL couldn't clinch it.

    You're hoping the usual walking dead will rise from the local cemeteries to bring forth a magical box of Democrat votes. BYE, FELICIA!


    These are the only things Black Americans should vote for

    1) Oppose reform that increases immigration and close the nation’s doors until policies are
    in place that redirect resources to native Blacks to correct the inequalities of slavery and
    Jim Crow semi-slavery;
    2) Require all immigrants that seek American citizenship to demonstrate knowledge of
    Black history and the contributions native Blacks made to the development of this nation;
    3) Establish community economic development banks, funded by a portion of immigration
    fees, to alleviate the direct negative impact of immigration on native Black communities;

    4) Reform existing immigration laws to treat Haitian refugees equal to Cuban refugees;
    increase the number of immigrants of African descent until their numbers match the
    percentage of Asians, Arabs, and Hispanics who have migrated to the United States,
    legally and illegally over the last 40 years;
    5) Prohibit immigrants from applying for affirmative action programs which were initially
    intended to address the native Black racial problem.

  3. Gerry Smith

    This calorically challenged (sorry … person who is 3 feet short for her weight) Bleeding Heart Liberal (aka closet Socialist) just can't admit that she lost. She lost. I lost but I will win in a recount. What recount? it's not happening. Not even a suggestion of a recount. Please, accept it and just go join Whoopee Goldberg in Hagen-Daz Land. The two of you together can tell each other it's all because of racists and "traitors to our race"

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