The Frankies Partners Will Open a Slice Shop

The Frankies Partners Will Open a Slice Shop

“When you eat Chad or Chris’s pizza, it’s delicious, it’s digestible and it’s sustainable,” Mr. Falcinelli said. “If you’re under 25, you don’t really care. If you’re over 30, over 40, over 50? It makes a massive difference. The dough is broken down bacterially. In essence, you’re eating bread yogurt.”

This is not, the four men stressed, a financial partnership, although they do have what Mr. Castronovo called “a reciprocal relationship.”

“They’re sharing with us their intellectual property, because they’re friends,” he said. “We try to help them out whenever we can help them out, they try to help us out whenever they can help us out.”

Over the 15 years the Franks have been in business, Carroll Gardens has changed from an everybody-knows-everybody Italian neighborhood to a younger, yuppier community, but the partners have kept that feeling alive. They know the regulars. The regulars know one another. Jimmy Kimmel, whom they met in 2014 after the Franks crashed a speech given by the Dalai Lama, is a regular when he is in town. Mr. Kimmel even bought them the “Franks” neon sign that hangs over the wine bar.

At the slice shop, they’ll have their own regalia. On the exterior wall, they’ll hang a heavy wrought-iron crest that they bought, while a little stoned they said, at an antiques fair in rural Massachusetts more than a decade ago.

“We started off looking at the thing and really being enamored by it,” Mr. Castronovo said, gesturing to the lions rearing on either side of the shield.

“And then we said,” Mr. Falcinelli cut in. “‘Do we have $7,000 in $20s? On us?’”

They did. The crest, which used to sit atop a European gate, will now grace the front of the slice shop.

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