The Medieval Math – The New York Times

The Medieval Math – The New York Times


The menu at every one of the nine Medieval Times is the same: 24 ounces of roasted chicken, half a russet potato, steamed corn, garlic bread and dairy-free tomato soup. Diners get unlimited Pepsi.

Dylan Hollingsworth for The New York Times

Medieval Times, the dinner theater with a faux jousting tournament, draws an estimated 2.5 million customers each year. Here’s how the food operation breaks down by the numbers:


Meals served on a Saturday night, counting all nine Medieval Times locations


Gallons of tomato soup served each year


Pounds of russet potatoes roasted each year

5 million

Pounds of chicken bought each year

365 degrees

Roasting temperature for the chickens


Gallons of free Pepsi consumed by guests each year


Percentage of the 2,000 employees who work in the kitchen

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