Tom Kerridge shares tips on exercising for weight loss and ‘vital’ portion control advice

Tom Kerridge shares tips on exercising for weight loss and ‘vital’ portion control advice

Tom Kerridge’s programme recruited 11 volunteers to join him on a two-month weight loss and fitness challenge. Tonight’s episode featured the chef sharing some useful tips on exercising for weight loss and why watching your portion control is so important.

Healthline recommends cycling at a high intensity to help lower body fat levels.

The website added: “You’ll increase your metabolism and build muscle, which allows you to burn more calories, even while at rest.”

Exercising is a good way to help burn calories as well as it helping to boost the metabolism, which will see the body burn more calories at rest.

Tom also explained that using brown rice is healthier than using white rice but portion control is necessary in order to help you lose weight.

Meals using low-fat ingredients can help reduce a slimmers overall calorie intake throughout the day.

Tom also explained that a person who wants to lose weight could exercise while their food is cooking.

The chef lost 12 stone by ditching the alcohol and following a healthier lifestyle by cutting back carbs.

He has also credited his diet to the dopamine diet.

Known as the “happy” diet plan, the foods eaten while following it are said to boost the so-called “happy hormone”.

The diet isn’t restricted like other plans, meaning it could be easier to follow.

Foods allowed on the plan include unprocessed meat, dairy and dark chocolate and the diet doesn’t overly restrict what you can eat.

Even though Tom explained that he has started to put weight back on, he has managed to keep the majority of it off.

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