Trump slams CNN, calls reporter ‘rude, terrible person’

Trump slams CNN, calls reporter ‘rude, terrible person’

President Donald Trump scolded CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a press conference the day after the midterm elections.


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  1. DannyMan DeBo

    This went on and on but of course this starts well into it – "quick edit it to show he's acting up" – all one has to do is watch the entire thing. Look for the one about 20 minutes long!! No President should have to deal with the likes of this. I'd say the same if it was Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. Disgusting creeps. It's the media that has ALWAYS pitted people against each other – WAY before Trump!!!

  2. * Firefox *

    I have Democrats & Republicans in my family did not approve of Jim Acosta hostile behavior ! Mexico said they would give the Caravan food and water plus a job…. I don,t see Jim Acosta / CNN offering the Caravan into their homes to stay. I cancelled CNN on Cable

  3. guitarhaus

    Damn, I love it !!! with Trump there's no beating around the bush, he may not be an elegant speaker like Obama but Trump is a true American President that says what he thinks !!! …like my Dad use to say; " He shoots from the Hip…" :))
    …I've always despised Jim Acosta.

  4. Regina Claxton

    Can we ask pertinent and relative questions and not repetitive questions, please? The President will not back track fully on past statements. There are real questions the people want asked and answered. When will prison reform talks begin officially? Will voter rights for felons be restored from the Federal or state levels? Will their be changes to the ACA that are not harmful to people?

  5. Jesus Christ is the only way

    I really at first thought Trump was crazy bases on the media. But the media is totally bias and they are trying their hardest to demonize him. CNN should fire that reporter and he shouldn't be welcome back it should be a privilege to respectfully ask the president questions but the way he is trying to disrupt and bring down the president is making Trump stronger and I am now his supporter based on how the media has made him out to be through fake reporting CNN IS FAKE NEWS. GOD BLESS TRUMP

  6. Anthony Aponte

    That's exactly right the media has become the enemy of the people the media has become a circus. It's so ridiculous to watch CNN and MSNBC and NBC who protected Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein. And CNN calls Kanye West a token uneducated negro so racist so disgusting. Jim Acosta trying the grandstand constantly. There are so many important issues yet he misses that for this agenda I'm not even a political person and I can see it. So ugly rude disrespectful. He is not a good reporter and CNN is a terrible station looks like they just constantly rep for the Dems. So sick of hearing this Russia investigation which is been going on for 2 years with no fruit to Bear Just A smear campaign it looks like and I'm not even a person of politics and I can see this. So embarrassing and terrible for America period when a new station and its representative act in this manner totally disrespectful

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