US, Iran tensions: How did we get here? | Just The FAQs

US, Iran tensions: How did we get here? | Just The FAQs

Following Iran’s shootdown of an American drone, tensions are high. But this is nothing new for the U.S. and Iran. We have the FAQs.

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  1. Aaron

    So much propaganda here. All the meddling over the years and all the back and forth doesn’t force them now to choose to be so anti America to the point of funding and supporting terrorists, the very same that carried out 9/11. But since Trump is president people out of pure hatred for Trump will automatically give Iran the lead in who is the good guy.

  2. Aaron Ledbetter

    So we are just gonna pretend that Iran wasn't violating the deal, even though there is clear evidence they were? Also, just avoid mentioning them chanting death to America in February on live tv, attacking an oil tanker, attempting to shoot down a U.S. drone, and as well as actually shooting down a U.S. drone… but that doesn't fit the narrative right?

  3. mineragua

    wow thanks Usa today, in only 2minutes and 24 seconds i have become an expert on us-iran relations. Truly you are valuable content creator, and deserve much more than 1Mil subscriber. Maybe even 2 Mil.

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