Virginia Beach gunman's name won't be repeated by police

Virginia Beach gunman's name won't be repeated by police

Virginia Beach Police want people to focus on the victims, not the man who killed at least 12 people in a mass shooting.

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  1. NPC#0 1

    Love how these people keep pointing out the shooter was black. I'm curious if that smug little conclusion of theirs will change if any of the victims are black as well. We all know the color of the gun means more to the general public anyway.

  2. Lee Roquemore

    Dewayne Cradduck Dewayne.Cradduck.
    His name will be repeated countless times, but this shooting will also fade into history. Just a matter of who, what, when, where, why, and how the next one will go down. Earth👍

  3. Paige 1996

    More law abiding citizens start carrying, less people die when stuff like this happens because like it or not a person who has the mindset to kill innocent people, or any people for that matter, can and will find a way to get guns off the black market and disarming US civilians would only put them in more danger. If only people could get that through their heads. People are gonna kill with every single thing that could be a weapon, be it a knife, a car, a homemade bomb etc etc. Guns aren’t the problem. I do agree that there needs to be extensive background testing and a new age limit set at 21 to buy any kind of gun but taking guns away altogether is a recipe for disaster.

  4. wizardfromy

    If I were them I would never and I mean never release his name and I mean never give him his name as long as he is dead . No criminal deserves the fame her or she will get from this. The victims deserve what fame the family thinks is okay. Only time you put a criminals name out there is if they are at large. And if the media puts criminal's name they should lose their rights to broadcast news media is giving fame to criminals you want to do the right thing  give the names of the victims if the families say it is okay tell what they did for the people in that town.

  5. Djur2844

    Americans are incredibly horny about using weapons both domestic and abroad (mental problems?) It's pretty easy! … No weapons in the community – no gunfire! Europe with 48 countries (28 in EU) and 650 million citizen just have 1/10 of "US" death shootings!

    This only happens in the US because of the 2nd Amendment. 30k death shootings per year with weapons is 10 times more than in all other OECD countries combined. It is not just the criminals who use weapons – most shootings are done by ordinary citizens in the US – and that says a lot!

    Americans are constantly terrified so they are armed up to the teeth with handguns – This is also evident on US foreign policy where the army has to invade countries that don´t bow to the American "government"!

    Homelessness – Drug Abuse – Mental Illness – Constant Fear – Shooting – Suicide

  6. Debby Zabriskie

    Had people been exercising their second amendment rights to bare arms he might have only got two or three! But NO they take the 2nd amendment rights away and look what happens. Gunman walks in to a No gun place and kills many and wounds many. Stupid people

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