We Reviewed Those Silicone Stretch Lids For Bowls, Pots, Jars And Cups

We Reviewed Those Silicone Stretch Lids For Bowls, Pots, Jars And Cups

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For leftovers, these silicone stretch lids will help food stay fresh without cluttering your kitchen cabinets.

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There is such a thing as having too much Tupperware: when you can’t fit any more containers on your shelves, when they have too many tough-to-clean stains or when you are always losing their lids.

You probably know too well how annoying it is to put away leftovers from last night’s dinner, pack up a lunch at night for the next day or slice up fresh fruit only to find that you don’t know where the lid is for the container you picked.

I’ll admit: I’m not exactly a master chef in the kitchen. If there was a way to burn boiling water, I’d probably do it. I know enough cooking terms from “Top Chef” and “The Great British Baking Show,” but when it comes to actually cooking, well, things don’t always turn out so well.

So I like to plan meals ahead and make sure to save any leftovers for when I’m tired of takeout. The downside? All the time lost to figuring out what lid goes with what food storage container. (If I had to take a guess, missing lids go to the same mysterious place as lost socks and hair ties.)

Saran wrap and aluminum foil are always there to cover, but they aren’t very sustainable. But my mom spotted these silicone stretch lids to cover containers on Amazon and gave them the thumbs-up, I knew that they had to be good and got them for myself.

Longzon’s silicone stretch lids come in a set of 14 in seven different sizes that range from soda can to stockpot. The set usually retails for $27 but is now on sale for $13, a real deal, as our shopping editors say.

From a can of soda to a bowl of chips, this&nbsp;<a href="https://amzn.to/35jy169" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">set of silicone stretch lids</a>&nbsp;can work when you've made a meal for yourself or after you entertain guests.

From a can of soda to a bowl of chips, this set of silicone stretch lids can work when you’ve made a meal for yourself or after you entertain guests.

What makes these lids so special? For one, they come in different sizes so they fit just about anything. Even if they don’t fit exactly right, they have enough stretch in them so you can make them work.

The universal silicone stretch lids are also easy to use. I followed the directions on Amazon first to hold one side of a container and stretch the lid out, making sure to pull the tabs on it for a secure seal.

You really won’t have to worry about snapping them since they have an ample amount of give. But you should take care to select which lid you need for which container to avoid accidents.

I thought they looked a little flimsy at first, especially since they stretch. But the lids have held their shape even after washing and wrapping up bowls of salad. The lids are also pretty protective: no spills to report at all.

How do these lids wash, by the way? Glad you asked.

I don’t have a dishwasher, so I can’t say how they do there. But I hand-washed them with no trouble: no stains or smells to speak of after they dry. Each of the lids has little round ridges, but nothing stuck in them so far.

I store them on top of my other lids so I can pick one to cover a container. Now I don’t spend much time searching through the other lids.

You don’t have to take my word for it. These lids have more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.1-star rating, and they’re HuffPost reader-approved. When we featured them in our guide to practical kitchen finds on Amazon under $20, they sold out for a couple of days.

You might lose some lids forever, but you won’t have to worry about finding them with these silicone stretch lids around.

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