Weight loss: Always do this with your breakfast in the morning to lose weight

Weight loss: Always do this with your breakfast in the morning to lose weight

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it can be tempting to eat straight away if hungry. However, timing breakfast wrong could be sabotaging weight loss, research has suggested. By eating at the optimum time, dieters could see themselves slimming down. A study showed that by consuming breakfast a couple of hours later, the chances of weight gain decrease.

The research, published in Cell Metabolism, showed the benefits of pushing breakfast time back.

It suggested that the timing is what could help boost weight loss rather than what is eaten.

The study was conducted on mice over a 100 day period. Half were free to eat throughout the day on a healthy controlled diet.

The others were only allowed to eat for eight hours but could eat anything they liked.

The first group were identified as gaining weight while the second remained lean.

Research also shows that in the window before eating breakfast a gym session could be valuable.

A morning workout has proved to be helpful for those looking to burn belly fat.

Researchers noted that people who do weights ahead of their breakfast burnt 20 per cent more calories than those who had eaten.

This is due to less insulin being present in the body first thing so if dieters exercise on an empty stomach their bodies break down and torch fat stores.

Researchers also observed that subjects who worked out pre-breakfast are less likely to experience hunger pangs.

This means they were less likely to crave and give into snacking or unhealthy food habits later in the day.

Of course what dieters eat for breakfast is key, too. There are some items which are misleading.

Granola and breakfast bars might seem like an easy item to grab in the morning and munch on the go, but you could end up eating as many calories as if you sat down to a dessert. 

They can be packed full of sugar and no good for weight loss goals, Dr Lisa Davis, Vice President of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at Medifast, told Shape.

“Most commercial granola bars are basically oatmeal cookies in disguise, with a lot more sugar than you need,” David said.

“A little natural peanut butter on a folded slice of wholegrain bread is better,” David recommended.

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