Weight loss: Drinking honey with apple cider vinegar could be ruining your diet

Weight loss: Drinking honey with apple cider vinegar could be ruining your diet

Apple cider vinegar can be used by dieters as part of their weight loss plan.

The acid in the fermented apple drink is said to encourage the metabolism, leading to weight loss.

Those who have two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (AVC) can drastically increase their weight loss potential.

ACV is often drank with hot water. Some prefer to sweeten it, but those should take heed.

Drinking the vinegar with honey could be scuppering your weight loss efforts.

Honey is delicious because it is sugary, but it is therefore high in calories.

While the body needs calories to function, to lose weight it is essential to be at a calories surplus. This is when you burn more calories than you eat.

Drinking a lot of honey drinks could be causing you to take in more calories than you know.

In fact, there is a whopping 64 calories in just one tablespoon of honey, a lot of calories for a small amount of food.

What is more, eating sugary foods can cause you to feel more hungry afterwards.

Lots of sugar is linked to obesity, and sugary drinks are one of the main culprits for hidden sweet stuff.

A study from University of Fribourg, Switzerland, found sweet drinks “are potential contributors to weight gain and increase the risk for elevations in blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke.”

How much apple cider vinegar should you drink for weight loss?

A study of 175 obese people asked them to take either one or two teaspoons of the drink each day for a three month period.

By doing this, the dieters all noticed themselves slim down, and those who had one tablespoon a day shifted an average of 2.6 pounds.

Slimmers who had two tablespoons a day saw an increased average weight loss of 3.7 pounds, meaning drinking it at least twice a day could speed up results.

Adding more fibre to your diet will also help with your weight loss plan.

Soluble fibre is great for the bacteria that live in the digestive system.

A study conduct by a number of universities including King’s College London found that those with healthier stomach bacteria had less belly fat.

The less diverse your stomach bacteria the more likely you are to be obese, an excellent reason to eat more fibre.

But, eating fibre has a more immediate effect on your appetite too, which can boost weight loss.

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