Weight loss: Drinking this one thing before breakfast will help burn fat

Weight loss: Drinking this one thing before breakfast will help burn fat

Breakfast is the ideal time to start focussing on weight loss goals.

By making savvy choices for the first meal of the day dieters are more likely to lose weight.

In fact, doing one thing even before breakfast is eaten can help promote fat burning.

If consumed before breakfast this drink can help curb cravings and reduce insulin levels.

Cutting up a few slices of grapefruit and putting it into warm water can help kickstart fat burning.

If drunk before eating breakfast it can help cleanse the body, experts have said.

“Grapefruit or lemon in warm water is good before breakfast to help cleanse and kick-start the lymphatic system,” nutritionist Rick Hay told Marie Claire.

It can also stop hunger cravings kicking in later in the day leading to overeating.

Nutritional therapist and chef Christine Bailey added: “Grapefruits are rich in water and soluble fibre – they can fill you up and curb hunger pangs.

“They can also help reduce insulin levels helping to prevent fat from being stored in the body.”

A study by the University of California suggested drinking grapefruit juice could be the key to weight loss.

The research – published in Plos One – showed that mice put on the same high-fat diet gained far less weight if they drank grapefruit juice rather than water.

The study also found improved levels of blood sugar and insulin among those given the juice. This serves to protect against diabetes.

It’s important to be savvy about drinks, however, as some contain a surprising number of calories.

Health and nutrition experts at Nuyoo.co compared four classic hot drinks from the five major coffee brands, to see which serves have the most calories and sugar. 

When it comes to a cappuccino, the best high street option to get it from is Caffè Nero, which has just 65 calories and 5.2 grams of sugar.

For cappuccino lovers who are looking to slim down, it might be best to avoid the Starbucks’ offering, which has a whopping 129 calories and 11.4 grams of sugar.

Lattes can pack in more calories, so those looking to slim down might want to think twice before touching the milky drink.

Again, Caffè Nero takes the lead as the “healthiest” with 78 calories and 6.4 grams of sugar.

For those looking to speed up weight loss, there is a natural technique that promises great results.

Drinking apple cider vinegar can promote weight loss, also coming with a host of health benefits. 

The liquid contains a certain type of acid which is known to promote weight loss and give plenty of health benefits

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