Weight loss: Joe Wicks reveals the ideal daily meal diet plan to lose weight | Diets | Life & Style

Weight loss: Joe Wicks reveals the ideal daily meal diet plan to lose weight | Diets | Life & Style

A weight loss diet meal plan that could help Britons shed the pounds has been recommended by fitness expert Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. 

A full day’s plan recommended by the healthy living advocate includes all the carbs and protein you need to stay full.

Joe, 31, from Epsom, claims to follow a similar plan himself and believes that dieters need not eat food they don’t like to lose weight. 

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk – Joe provided example breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.


Joe said: “I’d say for breakfast overnight oats, so make some rolled oats the night before and soak them in some almond milk. 

“I put desiccated coconut in there, bananas, some whey chocolate protein in there. Soak it overnight and then put some berries on top. 

“That’s delicious, it’s like a dessert, it’s got the carb and protein – that’s just what you want.

“That’s a great breakfast.”


For lunch, Joe recommends a salad but urges dieters to make sure it’s healthy.

He said: “ Then for lunch, I’d make a nice salad base with mixed veg and maybe quinoa or some kind of grain because you don’t just want a salad it won’t fill you up.

“So add some chickpeas or some kind of mixed beans with a nice bit of grilled salmon or some chicken or some beef.”


“For dinner, I’ll have like a nice chilli or a stew, with more vegetables, that’s going to fill you up.,” Joe said.

As a snack the muscular fitness coach recommends nuts.

Last week Joe told Express.co.uk the one weight loss trick to help anyone kickstart their diet plan. 

The curly-haired Briton, who keeps his 2 million Instagram followers updated, has devised The 90 Day Plan, which he claims has transformed followers.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk Joe revealed the one habit he recommends anyone looking to lose weight starts today.

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