Weight loss: Lose weight fast by time restricting your eating

Weight loss: Lose weight fast by time restricting your eating

Weight loss can be achieved through a careful balance of diet and exercise.

While this may be the traditional way, there are many simple methods that exist to speed up weight loss.

One way to speed up weight loss is by focusing on the timing of eating.

Following a time-restricted diet means to eat all meals and snacks during certain time periods and hours of the day.

Outside the time periods the body is effectively fasting, burning more fat stored fat for energy.

Studies have revealed that instead of limiting calories and restricting foods, dieters should be restricting the amount of time spent eating.

How does it work?

The time-restricted diet works by consuming all meals and snacks for the day within a particular time frame.

Time plans are not strict, and can be chosen to suit individual needs and schedules.

Putting a time limit on eating can control the amount eaten, but also results in intermittent fasting, which can aid weight loss and lower the risk of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

A study found that mice that only ate within an eight to nine hour period each day had improved metabolic rate and also lost weight.

Another study of obese people found that restricting eating time also lowers the amount of calories consumed in a day, leading to greater weight loss.

One study showed that following the time-restricted eating plan can also help build muscle.

Eating meals within a window can lead to a decrease in body fat, but no decrease in muscle mass.

How to do it?

The eating window must range from six to 12 hours of the day, with all consuming of food and drink limited to this window.

All food and drinks with calorie counts must be consumed in that time window, but water, tea and milk-less coffee is allowed outside the window.

Optimum weight loss can be achieved through lowering the time window, ideally to around eight hours.

It is recommended to start with a short time-restricted period then increase it over time. But anything under six hours is not recommended.

Another way to maximise weight loss this summer is by drinking water at a certain temperature. 

A study has found that drinking water at a certain temperature can actually increase these weight-loss benefits.

The study tested 12 people who drank 500ml of cold, and 12 who drank room temperature water.

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