Weight loss: Man loses 3.5 stone before 50th birthday doing THIS | Diets | Life & Style

Weight loss: Man loses 3.5 stone before 50th birthday doing THIS | Diets | Life & Style

Posting his before and after weight loss images on social platform Imgur, user JohnFalk68, who is about to turn 50, explained how he’d dropped several stone.

He explained how the death of his mother encouraged him to go on to look after his heath: “When I saw how the cancer ravaged her I decided to do my best to become healthy.

After researching weight loss diets on the internet, he opted for the Blue Zones diet.

“I cut way back on meat and sugar and just started eating healthy, and tons of antioxidant rich foods,” he explained. 

What is the Blue Zones diet?

This is a diet inspired by the ‘Blue Zones’, five areas of the world where people live healthy lives for the longest.

The diet plan is based around plant-based foods such as beans, greens, grains and nuts. 

Followers of the diet believe 90 to 95 per cent of your food should come from fruits, vegetables, grains, greens and beans, with olive oil, spices.

You are also allowed one cup of cooked whole grains per day as well.

John also looked after his body and brain with a combination of “exercising and meditating”. 

“I’m 95 per cent plant-based and I consume meat infrequently,” he said on his Pinterest account.

“With diet there must be an active lifestyle, my job forces me to walk daily and I add extra exercises as well.”

“What you consume, your activities and how you think all should be harmonious to create a synergy that works towards a healthy body & mind.” 

Users of the Imgur platform praised his transformation, with one writing: “Honest to god, you’re a dilf! Good work, man! Keep up the hard work. You look great, and you must be feeling amazing!”

Earlier this week, a woman who lost six stone and five pounds has revealed how she did it and which diet worked for her after years of “emotional eating”.

Sharing her before and after transformation pictures, the woman, known only as her username “fordshan”, explained how she lost the weight.

“I tend to not get full very easily, so I go for high volume foods rather than smaller portions.”

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