What Happened to Choupette? – The New York Times

What Happened to Choupette? – The New York Times

She traveled with Mr. Lagerfeld, preferably flying private; he designed a Louis Vuitton carrier bag for her, as well as a Goyard case for her silver dishes and brushes. Their last excursion was in December 2018 to New York for Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They lodged at The Mercer hotel in Soho, and received friends for drinks in the lobby.

“Choupette changed Karl’s life,” Amanda Harlech, Mr. Lagerfeld’s style consultant at Chanel, said. “He couldn’t believe how happy she made him nor how she loved being by his side — even sleeping on his head! He would watch her for hours.”

“She’s a very powerful young lady, Miss C.”

It’s not over, either. According to Mr. Bérullier, her agent, “She has press demands every day, and some deals en route.”

She also has her book: “Choupette,” a monograph published by the German house Steidl Verlag. The small hardback, bound in a morning blue linen that matches her eyes, is a collection of iPhone snaps by Mr. Lagerfeld of the fluffy feline at play and at rest. Mr. Lagerfeld designed and edited the book in 2018 to give to his friends as Christmas presents.

In January 2019, the head of Steidl Verlag, Gerhard Steidl, asked Mr. Lagerfeld if the house could reissue it commercially. “O.K.,” Mr. Steidl recalls Mr. Lagerfeld as responding. “But wait a little bit.”

Mr. Lagerfeld died of pancreatic cancer a few weeks later. Mr. Steidl released “Choupette” in November, and within weeks, it sold out. (He wouldn’t release sales figures, but said the house is awaiting delivery of the second printing). All royalties go directly Choupette.

“She is a business,” Mr. Steidl said. “She has a bank account.”

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