What it’s like to drive through a border patrol checkpoint

What it’s like to drive through a border patrol checkpoint

Border checkpoints are found within 100 miles of the U.S. border. This is what it’s like to go through one.

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  1. What The F Blog

    I lived in the area of sierra vista / douglas az for awhile. Anywhere we went we had to go through these. If you're good its easy as hell. :-/ Takes just seconds. Hell…a few times my husband would go through on the way home from a night out and id be passed out drunk in the passenger seat, and my husband said theyd make a joke about it and pass him on through. Its not like they put a gun to your head when going through.

  2. Milton Monnin

    it was strange to drive through one for the first time , im from New Orleans and in the 1980's Texas was a place we avoided because Texas traditionally harassed people with New Orleans plates …

  3. Truck Taxi

    Ouch, so if you had 10 kilos of drugs and a certain look you stand a good chance of avoiding even a sniff test from a dog?

    The new budget has over 25 billion dollars allotted for border security — I'm wondering if any of it would make a difference in what we just saw.


    Why don't they just have a 2nd and 3rd border lol. I live near the canadian side and we have the same thing. Except the bp we have here are a lot more rude and harrassing.

  5. 0x1A3C3E7

    Stupid lazy fucktards should be fired. Why are they 100 miles from the border? The Chinese got it right 3000 years ago. If you want to keep out the mongrels, you build a wall. Not a puny fence but a big damn brick wall.

  6. Alfin Davis

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  7. gayland barney

    PORKBARREL useless, and a pain in the ass for locals driving less than new vehicles i've not been there in a couple years , but in 5 yrs. i was waved through ONCE , questioned often , tho' never searched if i were a drug mule , i'd pay the bribe or fly someone should do a cost analysis , how much for any legit stops with results it's as effective as our constant wars , that is , not at all

  8. Doh Joe Gringo

    Been through that one many times. Usually they see we are white and just pass us through.
    One time my husband said something cheeky to the drug dog like "hello buddy" the dog showed a hit on our car so they made us all get out while they looked w flashlights & asked if we had drugs or weapons.
    Hell yes we did! Weed. And we said as much.
    They said "ok, thats fine. Thanks for being honest" and we went along our merry way!

  9. Blaine Mitchell

    How long did you have to wait until they let you go? It's Insane that they are even called border patrol. If the border is 100 south of there then there is no way they are protecting the border. This is only stopping American drivers who are just trying to good to work or the store. It should be considered an illegal search without probable cause.

  10. Lug Nut

    Then cameras are a little more than facial recognition. They also x-rays or something like a ultrasound on your car. They have references to the same make and models they can pull up to see what X-ray look like on a regular model of the same kind and if it's different, you will get pulled and search.

  11. The Internet Tough Guy

    I'm a Hispanic and brown as they come. All I could say is that this video shows my exact experience when I pass through a checkpoint. (I only mention my race because Democrats/liberals like using my appearance to push their agenda.)

  12. lisa myhre

    When I go through there I haven't had problems but in Columbus they let the dog scratch my car up really bad and when I told him they pat the car so he would jump up and walk along that way so there's lots of damage

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