What They Wore for Their Kusama Art Selfies

What They Wore for Their Kusama Art Selfies

The wait to see Yayoi Kusama’s latest art attraction was over two hours. But that didn’t deter hundreds of tourists and New Yorkers from standing in freezing weather outside the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea last Saturday. The exhibition, “Yayoi Kusama: Every Day I Pray For Love,” on display until Dec. 14, occupies two floors at the West 20th gallery. But it’s the “Infinity Mirrored Room” — an infinitely Instagrammable chamber of globe lights — that drew the masses. Here’s how some Kusama fans got ready for their art selfies.

Age: 74

Occupation: preschool director

Why are you here?

I’ve been hearing everything about the Infinity Room, so I stood on line for two hours and froze my butt off.

Worth it?

Oh yeah. It was better than any other Kusama. It’s like another planet.

Are those jeans red or orange?

I think of them as red. They were redder when I bought them.

Are you a denim nut?

No, I hate denim. These have a color. I’d never wear a blue jean jacket or something.

Your bag with the animals is chic.

Baggu. The dogs are Japanese: shiba inus.

Age: 32

Occupation: wheelchair basketball player, Team USA

Everybody is wearing puffers. You have a nice overcoat.

I’m wearing a John Varvatos overcoat. With the wheelchair, puffy overcoats are not my thing. It doesn’t meet my fashion sense or the functionality that I need, either.

And I like your coral hoodie.

It’s a Nike yoga kind of hoodie. I have a John Varvatos sweater underneath.

Who makes your jeans?

To be honest with you, I’m so short, designer jeans don’t come in my size. And I refuse to get things tailored.

You’re a Jordans guy?

I am. Nike created this FlyEase technology where they have this zipper, so people with disabilities can get their feet into the shoe. Anybody can wear these high tops.

Age: 19

Occupation: undergraduate student, New York University

That’s a colorful coat.

It’s from Italy. I don’t remember the brand; a very long Italian name.

You went for a full-length?

Yes. It keeps me warm with the length and I don’t like to wear a hoodie or a windbreaker.

And some fun cowboy boots.

I got them on Black Friday. It’s rare to see red boots so I bought them.

Your nails are black and white?

Age: undisclosed

Occupation: head of denim merchandising, the Gap

Tell me about your cowboy boots.

If I tell you where they’re from, you’re going to die: Zara. The house of Z.

The long tunic sweater under your bomber looks just delicious for this weather.

I’m very hot actually. It’s from Acne Studios.

Is that a parrot on your jacket?

I used to work at Marc Jacobs and the jacket and all the pins come from there. I placed them.

Is your cap keeping you warm?

Too warm. It’s wool. It’s Varsity Headwear: two brothers from Norway who handmake these hats.

Age: 20

Occupation: cosmetology student

I like your punk-Catholic-school-girl look.

Yes. Like a grunge Tinkerbell.

And your pink gold hoop earrings.

I’m from Jersey so hoops are important to me. Everyone says, “Your hair is New York, but your hoops are your roots.”

Where did you find your skirt?

At the mall or something.

“At the mall” is not something you hear often nowadays.

I don’t like fast fashion as much as the next guy, but sometimes you find something good.

Is it cool that your tights have a little rip in them?

Yeah I always do that. Quirky, like me.

Age: 41

Occupation: mortgage consultant

Are you doing a French look with your beret?

Yes. It’s quite fancy. And I like art, too. You see artists in these. And I love the navy blue because it matches my skirt.

Tell me more about your skirt.

I got this skirt online. I like this style with the lace; I can wear it in the office. It’s feminine.

And you’re actually wearing a cape, not a sweater.


You’re a superhero.


Age: 28

Occupation: high school biology teacher

Is this a look or did you come from the gym?

This is just what I wear every day. My shoes are this Nike x Sacai collab. They have multiple tongues and multiple swooshes, so I decided to double layer my socks to match it.

That’s very creative.

Most of what I have on is Nike: the pants, the hoodie, the hat. The only thing that isn’t Nike is the jacket.

I’m going to guess it’s Uniqlo.

It is.

Is it warm?

For 80 bucks, it’s really warm.

Black and white palette on purpose?

Yes. Pretty much every day. I like the way it goes with my skin.

Your eyebrows are really well shaped. Do you have them done?

Yes. And my nails. I like to take care of myself.

Age: 25

Occupation: electronic musician

Your bangs are kind of perfect.

My boyfriend cut them.

Is he a surgeon?

He’s very precise.

Your scarf is buttoned together.

It’s just yarn; there’s a few buttons holding everything together. Honestly, everything I own is from my mom or grandma. I don’t go out and buy things.

Like your faux fur coat?

I’m actually wearing this inside out. It’s not reversible but it should be. You can’t use the zipper, so I just use these buttons.

That is a very long, pinstripe pencil skirt. Is it hard to walk in?

Also my mom’s. It’s difficult to make long strides. I’m shuffling around. It does the job keeping my legs warm.

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