Winds of Winter theory: A Dance With Dragons teases Daenerys is pregnant | Books | Entertainment

Winds of Winter theory: A Dance With Dragons teases Daenerys is pregnant | Books | Entertainment

Game of Thrones finished last year and Daenerys died without an heir for the Iron Throne. But a popular theory among fans is that the A Song of Ice and Fire book version of Dany is pregnant at the end of the latest book A Dance With Dragons. A fan who has just finished reading George RR Martin’s books to date spotted what is a widely believed theory among fans.

Reddit user emmaa5382 wrote: “After finishing ADWD I have a theory that Daenerys was pregnant by either Hizdahr or Daario in the final chapters.

“When Drogon and Dany are back in the great grass sea and she begins to walk by the stream, she eats the hard berries from a bush she finds.

“After making her ill she wakes up covered in her ‘moons blood’ however she stops and thinks back to her last moons blood and can’t remember when it was (missed her period a month or more).

“And she also says she can’t remember her flow being this heavy before.”

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It reads: “Once Jon had meant to prove them wrong, to show his lord father that he could be as good and true a son as Robb.

“I made a botch of that. Robb had become a hero king; if Jon was remembered at all, it would be as a turncloak, an oathbreaker, and a murderer.

“He was glad that Lord Eddard was not alive to see his shame.”

They commented: “He’s worried about some wildling/NW drama but this applies to his Daenerys situation as well, if the show got that part right.”

Meanwhile, George RR Martin continues to write The Winds of Winter in his isolated mountain cabin location.

The 71-year-old author has updated fans that he’s making good progress and writing every day.

However, one of his most recent blog posts admitted he would miss his personal deadline of late July 2020.

Instead, Martin says he hopes the next instalment in A Song of Ice and Fire will be published next year.

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