YIKES! Out-Of-Control Semi Hits A Runaway Truck Ramp Just In The Nick Of Time

YIKES! Out-Of-Control Semi Hits A Runaway Truck Ramp Just In The Nick Of Time

New footage out of Colorado shows what happens when an out-of-control semi uses one of the runaway truck ramps positioned alongside mountain highways. 

Motorist Jesse Terrell said he spotted the smoking truck on I-70 near Silverthorne on April 26 and knew the semi was burning up its brakes. He watched, and recorded, as it accelerated. 

“I muttered to myself, ‘I really hope the driver takes this ramp,’” Terrell told Viral Hog.

The truck driver did, and the semi climbed the steep ramp with alarming speed: 

The incident came just one day after four people were killed when a semi slammed into stalled traffic on a Denver highway, NBC News reported. The driver, Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, was later charged with 40 counts, including vehicular homicide, first-degree assault and attempted first-degree assault.  

Terrell said he thought about that crash as he shot his footage, which shows how quick thinking on the highway literally saves lives.  

“I hope this video can be utilized by trucking companies everywhere to show the value of keeping a cool head and utilizing the tools given for everyone’s safety,” he said. 

9News in Denver said the state doesn’t fine drivers who need the ramps, but getting out of them is expensive nonetheless: It costs around $2,500 and takes about four hours to get towed. 

Steve Carver of Big Steve’s Towing told the station that wreckers can’t climb the ramps and have to work from the side. 

“The ramps have roads beside them and if we can get up those roads, then we will go up the roads, and then work the truck back down to the bottom,” Carver said.

But some jobs are harder than others. 

We have had them go up the ramp and out the top and roll over,” he said. 


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