New Oral History Peers Back at Obama, His Era and the Tradeoffs He Made

WASHINGTON — On a day of high drama at an international climate change conference early in his administration, President Barack Obama confronted a sen...

Chelsea Says Executive Accused of Bullying Has Left the Club

Almost a year after one of England’s richest and most decorated soccer teams opened an investigation into a senior executive accused of workplace bull...

Climate Change and Russia Spell Trouble for NATO Up North

As polar ice melts, Russia, already a major Arctic power, wants to make the region its own. China has ambitions for a “Polar Silk Road.” And NATO is e...

Europe Frets U.S. Battery Factory Subsidies Will Hurt, Not Help

But if Europe doesn’t move quickly to aid the battery industry, “you will really lose momentum on the ground versus the North American market,” said D...

Sudan’s Army Withdraws From Cease-Fire Talks

Sudan’s army has withdrawn from talks aimed at achieving a full cease-fire and delivering humanitarian aid across the country, it said on Wednesday, r...

‘Lost’ Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Admits He Failed To Prevent Racist Work Environment

“Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof admitted he failed to stop a racist work environment on the popular ABC show.“I have no recollection of those specifi...


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Hydrogen Ramping Up In The Energy Transition, But It May Be Oversold

Electrolysis platform for the production of hydrogen, in Leuna, eastern Germany. AFP via Getty Images What we knew before. The following aspects of hydrogen have been explored befo...


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