Add Crunch With Sea Beans

Add Crunch With Sea Beans

Sea beans — a thin, dark green, crunchy succulent foraged at the shore — also go by salicornia, samphire, glasswort and in France, where they are more commonly served than in the United States, salicornes. They deliver a sharp, salty bite and though they can be tossed raw in salads, quickly blanching them defuses their salinity. Sauté them in olive oil with pencil-thin asparagus to pair with fish like cod and with lamb. Farm to People, an online grocery delivery service with sources across the country that delivers to Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, and Jersey City and Hoboken, has them gathered on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.

Sea beans, $6.99 for six ounces through late June; farm boxes start at $25, but individual items can also be ordered; delivery is free over $50,

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