American teacher documents life in Wuhan, center of coronavirus | USA TODAY

American teacher documents life in Wuhan, center of coronavirus | USA TODAY

Coronavirus outbreak: American teacher documents life in Wuhan.
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American teacher Dr. Diana Adama documented what life in Wuhan, China is like amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Clay Moore

    She just trying to be famous. I talk daily to my Chinese friends and they are actually more active and unlike Americans they are taking this very serious. Americans would still be acting foolish like they do when a hurricane or floods are announced

  2. JayLeePoe

    She better leave quickly; glass heart syndrome is very real. Also, literally no one stays in town during certain holidays. Why would they stay if they would A) normally leave anyway, and B) could contract a lethal virus? Besides, how else will the host-carriers infect other regions if they don't travel for holiday?

    If you guys want Chinese ghost towns, they have Chinese ghost towns. It's a big part of their inflated currency and global finance strategy. You'll probably have to apologize like The NBA if you're not careful, though.

  3. Goochi Goochs

    I have a question not related to the virus. How are you going to teach another language to someone that you do not speak their language? Because a lot of English teachers who went to Japan, Korea or China don't speak the native language?

  4. Mr. Woofless

    China makes people think all around the world that everything is under control quarantines 1.3 billion people, no one is out on the streets, lies about their infected and death count, and last but not least does not inform their citizens about what’s happening day to day.

  5. Ammathein

    If you have any pre-existing lung condition this COULD be fatal as it peaks. this is just hype to cover up 2 months of CCP incompetence, pointing blame at the mayor. What a joke. Wear proper equipment the idiot coming out of the bio-lab with this over-hyped weakling virus.

  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    'American teacher documents herself acting like an average American in the middle of an outbreak; complains, makes the situation slightly worse by possibly spreading the virus more and deludes herself to think she's helping'

    Damn that's a long title but that's exactly what it should be

  7. kola bear

    Idk, alot of people could be infected but think they have just the common cold. 2 cases in santa clara county california, where i live could have shared it, and people may think they have the common cold. We will have to wait and see, but thats the thing that scares me.

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