Bloomberg, in Reversal, Says He’ll Release 3 Women From Nondisclosure Agreements

Bloomberg, in Reversal, Says He’ll Release 3 Women From Nondisclosure Agreements

Mr. Biden’s campaign also condemned the move, saying, “Today’s release essentially tells the public nothing — we don’t know how many women signed these NDAs, what percentage of NDAs this represents, or what categories of signed NDAs exist that are excluded.”

One of the three women who is being released from her agreement is Sekiko Sakai Garrison, a former saleswoman at Bloomberg L.P., a Bloomberg campaign aide said on Friday. Ms. Garrison sued the company in 1997, describing a misogynistic workplace atmosphere that culminated, according to the suit, in Mr. Bloomberg reacting negatively upon learning that she was pregnant.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Bloomberg told Ms. Garrison, “Kill it,” referring to her baby. When Ms. Garrison sought clarity, Mr. Bloomberg allegedly went on to complain about the number of female employees in his office who had become pregnant, according to the suit. Mr. Bloomberg has denied making that remark, and the company eventually settled with Ms. Garrison and issued no admission of guilt.

Ms. Garrison declined to comment on Friday.

The Bloomberg campaign aide said that the two other nondisclosure agreements stemmed from complaints within the company, rather than from lawsuits. The aide declined to provide additional details about the identity of the two women.

Mr. Bloomberg has a history of making demeaning, derogatory and sexist remarks, and lawsuits have painted his company, in the early days, as something resembling a frat house.

The decision by Mr. Bloomberg to limit the NDA release to only those pertaining to his personal interaction drew widespread criticism from civil rights groups and activists.

“It’s a start, it’s at least an acknowledgment that NDAs are inappropriate, but it’s not nearly enough because a leader leads and he is the leader of Bloomberg L.P.,” said Julie Roginsky, one of the founders of Lift Our Voices, a nonprofit group that works to end nondisclosure agreements that deal with workplace environment issues. “There’s no reason the chairman is protecting predators at his own company.”

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