CARES Act stimulus check, how much could you receive | USA T ODAY

CARES Act stimulus check, how much could you receive | USA T ODAY

Congress passed and President Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that includes checks to taxpayers.
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The latest stimulus package will provide $1,200 checks to many Americans – and more for families – while making available hundreds of billions of dollars for companies to maintain payroll through the crisis. It significantly expands the nation’s unemployment safety net and it directs a huge infusion of cash to states and to hospitals and other medical facilities on the frontline fighting the pandemic.

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  2. Mike Smith

    You all need to check your routing and account numbers for your electronic transferred taxes if a company did them for you like turbo tax( free my ass)or you opted to pay a company from that return most likely their bank account is where the IRS sent the money and will send your stimulus check

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