Chris Evans recalls wife’s reaction to old Christmas gift she’s never used | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Chris Evans recalls wife’s reaction to old Christmas gift she’s never used | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Chris Evans, 54, revealed he bought his wife Natasha, 39, a thoughtful gift for Christmas that he believed she’d be thrilled with, but unfortunately she’s never used it. And he still can’t understand why.

The gift may not be to everyone’s taste for a Christmas present, but the radio DJ insisted it was something she had wanted.

Discussing the mysterious present with his co-star, he said: “I did buy Tash a steamer for Christmas a couple of years ago. I thought she’d be thrilled with it, and she was thrilled with it.

“But she’s never used it,” he sighed.

Newsreader Rachel Horne asked: “A floor cleaning steamer or one for clothes?”

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Chris replied: “Clothes and curtains. I thought she’d love that.”

“Would you like that if Alex bought you one?” he asked, wanting to know if he’d made a mistake buying the household cleaner.

“I had one and I didn’t use it,” Rachel admitted, sheepishly.

But the host continued to press her, wanting to know if she was happy with the item as a gift.

When Rachel replied the former, the DJ seemed surprised and moved on to their next topic quickly.

Last year, Chris was well and truly spoiled and was left reeling by his Christmas gift from his Natasha.

Admittedly, he’d had the present before the big day, but the radio host was more than fine with that.

In fact, he was in tip-top shape.

He told listeners at the time: “I’ve already had my Christmas present from my wife. Getting my varicose veins done.”

The procedure was recorded by him and his co-star Kate Lawler, and posted to Instagram.

When asked if he had the minor surgery done for vanity reasons, he admitted that it was the pain that forced him to undergo the procedure.

“They hurt, they make your legs weigh twice as much because there’s so much more blood in them, because they’re over vacillated,” he explained his reasons for getting rid of his unsightly veins, describing the gift idea as “absolutely brilliant”.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.

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