Chris Evans tells people criticising lockdown to ‘shut up’ and ‘get on with it’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Chris Evans tells people criticising lockdown to ‘shut up’ and ‘get on with it’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The former BBC DJ couldn’t quite believe that there are people who won’t abide by the rules.

“For most of us, it should be more than bearable,” he snapped, before structuring a scenario where the same rules apply, but under different circumstances.

“Imagine if you were at home on a Sunday night and it’s a school night, no wine for the grown-ups, and then your boss calls you at, let’s say 4:30 – 5:30pm on a Sunday,” he began.

“They say ‘Do you fancy the week off?’

“‘There’s one condition – you have to stay home with your kids.'”

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He continued: “So, you can go out once a day to get own food and you can go for a bike ride every single day. But other than that you have to stay at home.”

He paused for a second to let it sink in before making his final point.

“You’d jump at the chance, wouldn’t you?!”

While trying to get his point across diplomatically, he made sure to mention that there were specific circumstances where the quarantine will be particularly difficult for some people.

While people were out celebrating over that weekend when the sun was out, they ignored health experts and scientific advice to stay clear of large gatherings and avoid leaving the house unless it was absolutely necessary.

Following the decision, UK residents are now only allowed out to get food, for medical and care needs, going to and from work if you are a key worker and for daily exercise.

The government have granted the police allowance to issue fines to people outside without a valid reason.

Celebrities across the globe have taken to social media to try and entertain their fans while the planet slowly comes to a stand still and life as we know it comes to a halt.

Experts explained the UK’s situation would be reviewed every three weeks for the next few months, under the premise that if we sit tight and stick to the rules the sooner it’ll be over.

With everyone’s home life and circumstances different from the next, there’s no telling just how isolation will affect people across the nation.

For now, all we can do is follow the latest advice in order to put a stop to coronavirus once and for all.

Or, in Chris’ words – get on with it!

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekday at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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