Delta Goodrem: Neighbours star lost the ability to speak after surgery complications | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Delta Goodrem: Neighbours star lost the ability to speak after surgery complications | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Singer Delta Goodrem, 36, has revealed that she lost the ability to speak following surgery in 2018. The Australian born star suffered paralysis of a nerve in her tongue, leaving her to question her career.

The soprano sensation who battled cancer as a teenager, last year shared a video to her social media pages, with many fans believing she was about to release new music.

Some also believed that Delta was set to share an update on her role as a coach on The Voice Australia.

However, after a clip of the singer in a garden, the screen instantly cut to black before video clips taken in 2018 showed Delta with a tube up her nose.

It was revealed that she had undergone surgery to remove a salivary gland but was left unable to speak.

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As she attempted to speak, she said: “I don’t want to go out, I’m embarrassed, I’m just trying to stay positive.

“I’m trying to decide if this is getting better, it doesn’t feel like it.”

The singer was later seen undergoing speech therapy to learn how to speak again as it’s not clear if people suffering from a paralysed nerve will make a full recovery.

In a new interview, Delta has spoken of her painful ordeal which saw her consider a life away from the stage.

“Anybody who is in the middle of going through a challenge, whether you’re in a cancer fight, whether you’ve gone through something traumatic, there’s many different phases and different moments you’re going to feel,” she told the PA news agency.

The Born To Try songstress went on to say: “It’s a process, it’s a step by step process, it’s the first realisation, then it’s the journey of, ‘Okay, this is happening’.

“For me, I believed I was going to get through it and believed I would.”

She added: “But of course, you have those moments of uncertainty, which is again what so many people are going through in the last year, that uncertainty and that unpredictability – a part of you that is defined in the uncertainties.”

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Delta said she had to “surrender” to knowing that she had lost the ability to speak and was unable to sing.

“If you ask any of my friends and people who know me, I find it very hard to share those stories sometimes because I’m very, very conscious that so many people are going through so much at all times,” she said.

The actress who found fame in Australian soap Neighbours continued: “I understand that everybody has their challenges and that just happened to have been one of mine but yes, it was definitely a challenging time.

“The only reason why I’m a songwriter, I brush over it sometimes, is just from the pure fact that people live with communication challenges, it’s a constant, it was definitely a very important moment in life as a singer.”

Recalling what she endured, the star went on to say: “You realise it’s going to take a lot longer or if at all, to be able to get your diction back and to be able to speak and sing the way you did before, I think there was a surrender in the understanding of that I was in that moment.

“I had to quietly just try my very best to work hard at my rehab and continue to work hard with my speech therapist and continue to work on that journey.

“That was a part of the start of this record. It was a reset.”

Delta’s seventh studio album, Bridge Over Troubled Dreams details her personal hells including her cancer diagnosis as well as the phenomenal support she received from Sir Elton John as well as the troubles she faced as a child superstar.

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