DOJ drops case against Michael Flynn | USA TODAY

DOJ drops case against Michael Flynn | USA TODAY

Justice Department dropping its case against Gen. Michael Flynn
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The DOJ will drop the criminal case against Gen. Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI about contact with a Russian Ambassador. Flynn pleaded guilty.

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  1. froggerjohn427

    I will not be satisfied until we see some public hangings. The FBI corruption is blatant, if they did this to a 4 star general, what makes you naive enough to believe they haven’t been trying to do it to the President.

  2. gurujr

    Flynn can now resume Russian business contacts. Also, later in the summer I'm sure he'll receive the Hero of the Russian Federation Medal which is the highest honor of the Russian Federation for extraordinary service to the state. Well, deserved.

  3. Dave Woods

    So " Good White Americans " are gonna sit back and allow this traitor to the country walk like this?

    I'm convinced all the white people in America are the same. Greedy fools.

    It really doesn't matter to me, I've been suffering for centuries now. If Americans don't want to share in the prosperity,
    I'd be delighted to witness Americans share in the pain and injustice.

    And this is the same country that assassinated Kennedy and King, right?

    Just a bunch of greedy, foolish MAGGOTS.

    MAGGOTS: Lil slimy worms that are ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT on the Death and Carnage of others to survive.

    MAGA MAGGOTS appear to represent the majority of white people in America.

    There simply isn't any other rational conclusion to come to.

  4. Big Travis

    Everyone suffering TDS will be upset by all the corruption that will be exposed at the hands of the Obama and Clintonite hold overs at the DOJ and FBI , some heads should roll popcorn
    🍿 🍿 😲

  5. ADjustinG2013

    I want nothing less than to see Trump, Barr, McConnell locked up. It wont happen because democraps will roll over and let them go to "maintain unity". Simply removing these devils from office is not enough. They need to be made examples of to set precident for future generations. FIRST POTUS TO BE LOCKED UP FOR TREASON. TRUMP IS THE ENEMY.

  6. bluewater454

    About Damn time.
    That was the very definition of a RAIL ROAD job. Flynn was caught in a perjury trap, and the recently released FBI transcripts found by Judicial Watch and Flynn's atty prove it. Absolutely disgusting, and what is even more disgusting is that no one is being indicted for the crimes committed against Flynn and a host of other people. The DOJ under Trump is barely an improvement over what it was under the Obama administration. Just Barely, as in different shades of black.

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