Donald Trump 'encourages' Democrats on Green New Deal

Donald Trump 'encourages' Democrats on Green New Deal

In his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, President Donald Trump mocked Democrats for their Green New Deal idea to combat climate change.


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  1. Steven

    Trump talking shit but his own base is booing him. He is too stupid for common sense. You really have to wonder how someone so moronically stupid has managed to keep breathing air for so many years.

  2. Steven David Stoffers

    "airplanes" is more 3rd rail than Soc Sec. it's expensive golf resorts and fancy hotels, it's why we love this guy. it's why we did nothing for 40 years or longer and why we won't do more than share our "aspirational goals" and feelings with each other… until the first threshold is popped 10 or 20 years out from here. then either a "Dem" or GOP president, doesn't matter which party anymore than it did in Vietnam, orders the US military to enforce a total ban on all commercial and private air travel. as people riot, hoard, starve and die early.

  3. Rose Phoenix

    I'm very sorry that he's not taking very very serious about it that what's going on that for the environment or money nature that she's not going to be the same way in the past to the present or to the Future because if we are not here somewhere in Time will get the consequences of anyone it doesn't matter who they are or where they live or which land that they are they are standing on because Mother Nature that she could bring her damage anywhere the entire not just America but around the world and everyone Somewhere in Time in the near future everyone we get consequences it doesn't matter where she's going to land it but only time will tell well that time is going to be taking right now and somewhere that time will be stop

  4. MarliBlingas

    Global warming after global freezing in the 70s. The world was supposed to end in 12 years back then too and here we are, almost 50 years later. The warming failed so when it gets cold again they can claim climate change. Yes, the climate changes. When has it stopped?

    China has fished all their fish in their seas and are now encroaching on other territories. Their authorities are having a hard time stopping their fishermen from going in other territories. They pollute and waste like no other but claim they are up on renewable energy and solar energy. Anyone who has been to China knows this is a farce but our media continues to buy into it.

  5. Rg4127

    The fire is on his ass and is about to scorch that booty hole of his. Putin owns this prick and he gots video tapes on him that’s why he never criticizes him. Take notes trumptards, it will all come out eventually. You won’t be saying anything then🤣🤣🤣🤣the jokes on you trumptards!!

  6. NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    In 2020 ladies and gentleman, we need to flip the Senate blue because the gop political party is not ever be gonna be what it was when Reagan and the Bush’s and Rosevelt and Lincoln etc were President as a Republican. The gop political party now is all about hate and misogyny and racism and corruptions and even worse, protecting trump from the rule of law and will never put a check on him. The gop can no longer be trusted anymore.

    Last November in the midterms elections, we created a blue wave in the House of Representatives, we need to do the same to the Senate on November 3, 2020 because if we don’t, then trump succeeds for good this time in defeating our democracy and freedom and constitutional rights and liberties and equalities and again, the gop senators can care less how horribly cancerous donald trump truly is to America and that he’s kissing up to putin and rocket boy and that he admits proudly he believes their word over the American intelligence agencies.

    That’s a threat to our own national security right there. The gop will never hold trump accountable no matter what. It’s very clear. You’d have to be a huge fucken idiot to not notice any of this…But, if we flip the Senate under democrats control and vote out donald trump (hopefully he’ll be out of here by the time the 2020 presidential election comes, actually he will be because the gop refuse to acknowledge the cancerous threat he poses to our national security) this will be a win for America’s constitution and the rule of law and democracy and freedoms and freedom of speeches. We can save our country ladies and gentleman by just getting out to vote blue in record numbers in 2020, we can’t take our democracy for granted ever again. When we don’t vote in record numbers, we get a corrupt kakistorcracy. Plus it’s also a win for the NRA if we don’t vote blue in record numbers….donald trump reversed an Obama legislative accomplishment that made it tougher for psychotic mentally ill people to purchase a gun and own it illegally without a permit.

    We need to always vote in every election from now on if we are gonna want America to be remain being the America we love to live in and be a proud citizen of. We can’t let trump and his gop lapdogs win in showing the world we are now a symbol of oppression and bigotry and hate and fascism and racism and misogyny. Plus the democrats if they win the Senate in 2020 would pass stricter gun control laws after the House Democrats already made a bill for it. Children deserve to feel safe at schools and so do adults at night clubs and movie theaters and other popular public places, don’t you all think?

    Just remember who else will feel proud seeing America is saved in 2020 because we all got out and voted blue in record numbers, the American soldiers we honor every Veterans Day that gave their life making America the great country it was before trump got here in Washington illegitimately….they will be very proud of us if we complete the second step in saving America which is flip the Senate blue and vote out russian secret agent donald trump and so we will the American soldiers that died in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    So will the American soldiers currently serving in the war zone up these 2 countries, let’s give them the America they know and are proud being a soldier of, we can’t let them down. If we don’t do our job in 2020, then they’re pretty much being told right there that they are putting their lives on the line protecting our freedom and safety and democracy in America all for nothing…they also deserve an actual real President to visit them up there that’s smart enough to not make the visit overseas a campaign rally for itself like crooked narcissistic donald did while visiting the soldiers in Iraq.

    Don’t let 2016 repeat itself. Once again we can’t take our democracy for granted ever again. Don’t believe polls. Polls don’t elect the president we want, getting out to vote in record numbers does. Remember this. Our job isn’t done in saving America yet. Democrats winning back the House of Representatives was the first step in saving this country, do not count on donald trump being impeached ever because the gop refuse to support removing him from office for the corrupted crook he truly is. The 2nd step is all that’s left in saving America and making it go back to normal again and that is vote out the gop in the Senate and donald trump in the Oval Office.

    I am a registered republican and I am voting blue only in 2020 because I refuse to let trump’s hate and bigotry and racism and misogyny and fascism defeat our constitution and the rule of law and our American values. Remember…we have the power to save our country. We can do this for our forefathers and the soldiers we honor every Veterans Day and the soldiers that died in the war on terrorism making sure we were safe and protected our freedom we enjoy having. We have to do our job for them especially in 2020 because we need to show them as a way to thank you for the sacrifice they made for us. I wouldn’t want to wear this on my conscience telling them they died for America all for nothing by voting gop and for trump. Only mentally handicapped mean spirited trump supporters would…you hear me America? They’re counting on us the most along with the soldiers we honor every Veterans Day as they look down at us from heaven to save this country by making a blue 🌊 in the Senate and White House this time.

    We’re almost there America. We can save our country. We have the power. Our democracy is at stake and is depending on us.

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