Fans of ‘scrumptious’ malted drink rejoice as it returns to shelves

Fans of ‘scrumptious’ malted drink rejoice as it returns to shelves

Horlicks is known for its creamy, malty flavour which takes form in classic drinks and now, a range of new nourishing shakes.

But longstanding fans of the brand may remember the “malty tablets” that were sold some 20 years ago on supermarket shelves.

The has announced the return of the iconic product to mark the 150th anniversary of Horlicks as a brand.

Horlicks was developed by two British-born brothers, William and James Horlick, in the US in 1873 and came to India with the British soldiers in World War I in 1918 as a diet supplement.

People in India took to enjoying Horlicks as a family drink in the early 1940s and 1950s, and Britons followed suit.

Considered to be most popular here in the UK during the 1980s, the malty tablets were last sold around the year 2000.

Now, fans of the nostalgic drink will be able to purchase them exclusively in B&M stores ahead of Christmas.

According to Horlicks, the decision to bring the sweet treats was made in response to “unprecedented demand from consumers across the nation”.

Many fans of the “seriously malty, irresistibly chewy” Horlicks tablets took to X, formerly Twitter to rejoice at the news.

One person wrote: “Anyone remember Horlicks tablets in the 70s, used to come in a small tube like Polos, B&M is bringing them back for £1.75 a tin, scrumptious.”

Another opined: “I also loved Horlicks tablets, all that malty goodness!”

The news has even captured a younger audience, with one woman claiming: “I’d never even heard of Horlicks chewable tablets, but now I need to try them.”

According to The Grocer, the tablets will boast “the delicious, malty flavour and texture of the original”, but will be packaged in modernised tins.

These will be marked with a “150th birthday edition” slogan set on a midnight blue background with floral motifs.

Horlicks tablets are expected to land in B&M stores sometime this month with a retail price of £1.75 (for 20 tablets).

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