How to grow cauliflower |

How to grow cauliflower |

If you stick to shop-bought cauliflowers you will be left with just the creamy white variety, but if you grow your own and you can enjoy yellow, green or purple ones. To successfully grow cauliflowers you need to know when is the best time to plant and harvest them.

Temperature is a vital factor in growing cauliflowers, they are very temperature-sensitive, typically most types should be planted in cool weather.

Most cauliflower varieties require about one and a half to two months of consistently cool weather to mature properly, but this varies between different cauliflower types.

Due to the large variety of cauliflowers, they can be grown all year round, doing your research is key to be able to find a variety that will suit your planting schedule.

Cauliflowers can be quite needy a lot of space is required alongside rich, deep soil and plenty of watering, especially in summer.

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Firm the soil very well against the roots.

Seedlings should have plenty of space to grow, sowing them two feet apart in their outdoor beds should be sufficient.

Your delicious homegrown cauliflowers should be ready for harvesting in three to five months from sowing to maturity.

Growth rates do vary according to your chosen variety and the weather conditions they were grown in so you should check the seed packet and harvest them at the recommended size.

The head of your cauliflowers should be firm and compact.

If the heads start to separate this is a sign that it’s past its best and will taste bitter.

Make sure you harvest white cauliflowers before they turn yellow.

To harvest use a sharp knife to cut the stem taking the head of the cauliflower with a few of the leaves underneath it.

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