In the Dark season 3: Jess’s life on the line after premiere | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

In the Dark season 3: Jess’s life on the line after premiere | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The CW’s unpredictable crime drama stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason, a young blind woman whose life turns haywire when she finds the body of her drug dealer, Tyson (played by Thamela Mpumlwana). After taking some unexpected turns, this week’s premiere of In the Dark season three has landed Murphy and her friends in even more hot water, and could seal the fate of her best friend, Jess (Brooke Markham).

Murphy’s rendezvous with Max (Casey Deidrick) last season came back to bite them in this week’s exhilarating season premiere of In the Dark.

Tensions ran high when Murphy realised she had dropped a button near the gravesite of Nia Bailey (Nicki Micheaux) after burying the bodies in the woods.

Unfortunately, she was right to panic as the newly unemployed Josh (Theo Bhat) teamed with Officer Gene Clemens (Matt Murray) to search the scene of the crime.

By the end of the episode, Murphy and her friends Jess, Felix (Morgan Krantz) and Max are forced to go on the run after the cops pick them up on their trail.

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Although the group keep adding mistakes to their ever-increasing pile, Murphy still managed to get one over on Gene as her apartment has been completely emptied when he arrives with a search warrant.

Meanwhile, an ominous flashforward at the end of the episode features someone who looks an awful lot like Jess getting her head knocked against a car and dragged away.

The very last moments of the season three premiere are two dark to identify the victim.

However, fans watching along on social media largely agreed that it’s Jess who’ll be involved in some sort of roadside attack later in the season.

Jess has been a mainstay in the series since the first season, and protected her best friend Murphy by killing Nia out of self defence.

Three seasons in, and In the Dark fans may have to come to terms with the fact that one of the core group could finally be facing some serious repercussions as the series progresses.

Jess’s blow to the head may not be fatal, but the sight of her body being dragged away certainly has alarm bells ringing.

The intense promotional trailer for episode two, ‘I Know What You Did Last Night’, picks up right where the season premiere left off.

Having handed over their IDs to a mysterious woman helping them disappear, Murphy and her friends will try to adjust to their new life on the lam.

While the trailer seems to spell bad news for Jess, Murphy and co. are still able to have a bit of fun on the road.

So far, Murphy and the group have been pure victims of circumstance but, after this week’s outing, fans have been finding it harder and harder to root for the dysfunctional friends as their lives spiral out of control.

In the Dark continues Wednesdays on the CW.

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