Jonathan Tapper weight loss: Gogglebox star diet plan revealed

Jonathan Tapper weight loss: Gogglebox star diet plan revealed

Jonathan Tapper, 51, is a chauffeur by trade who has shot to fame on Gogglebox.

Alongside his wife, Nikki, and children, Josh and Amy, Jonathan, from North London, has regularly appeared on the Channel 4 show.

He previously worked in the food industry, but after joining Gogglebox and becoming a chauffeur, he noticed his health take a hit as he spent most of his time sitting down.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015, he became more conscious of his lifestyle but he noticed his weight still creeping up until he lost 3st using this diet.

Before losing the weight, Jonathan would gorge on fried breakfasts and fill up on sandwiches and crisps at work, putting away over 3,000 calories a day.

The star has slimmed down by an impressive 2st 9lb in just 12-weeks.

How did he lose the weight?

Jonathan said: “I love food and love to eat so keeping the weight off has always been a struggle for me.

“I’ve never been one for short-term quick fix diets – for me it’s always been about making a lifestyle change.”

After coming across the Do The Unthinkable diet and exercise plan, he decided to make the change and has seen his waist drop from 44 inches to 38.

Following the plan, Jonathan now enjoys three high protein meals a day, including protein porridge for breakfast, chicken and steak for lunch and dinner and has cut down his calorie intake to roughly 1,800.

Jonathan has also started making time to exercise and will do this at the gym or at home.

He said: “Since starting the programme my focus has changed.

“It’s not all about work anymore, instead its me and my healthy, making sure I get my exercise in and eat at the same time every day.”

The TV star now eats his dinner earlier in the evening to avoid snacking and squeezes in four 30-minute Hight Intensity Interval Training sessions a week.

He had dropped from a hefty 21st 3lb to a much trimmer 18st 8lb using the diet.

Recently, Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien revealed how she lost three stone, but how did she do this? 

The star gained 42lb during her pregnancy with her daughter, Scarlett, but soon hired a personal trainer who helped her slim down to eight stone.

Actress Chelsee Healey lost two stone after giving birth to her daughter. 

The Celeb’s Go Dating star shed the weight and says her appetite decreased after having her child.

She swears by green tea and litres of water everyday.

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