Julia Roberts Has Heard Your Prayers, Wants ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Sequel

Julia Roberts Has Heard Your Prayers, Wants ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Sequel

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Julia Roberts attends premiere of her new Amazon series “Homecoming.”

If you’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ for a sequel to the beloved “My Best Friends’ Wedding” ― our favorite ’90s romantic comedy with a not-so-happy ending ― then your prayers little and big might be answered. 

The film’s star Julia Roberts, who’s reteamed with the titular best friend Dermot Mulroney in the upcoming Amazon series “Homecoming,” thinks there’s some story left to be told ― perhaps My Best Friend’s Divorce? ― more than 20 years later.

When asked what film she’d most like to revisit, Roberts gave a shout to her “Pretty Woman” character (“A lot of people want to follow up with Vivian”), but made special mention of the 1997 film. 

“I guess I think maybe it’s just because we’re talking about Dermot [Mulroney].  But Rupert [Everett] was so funny in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding,’” she told Entertainment Weekly. I guess Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) and Michael (Mulroney) are married and they probably have kids. And then there’s me and Rupert.”

The film proved it had staying power at the box office, becoming one of the top 10 highest-grossing films of the year, and earning a spot in our cultural memory. A Chinese adaptation of the same story was released in 2016, and a single-camera half-hour television remake from the writer of the original movie was in the works back in 2015. 

If Roberts does have designs on reprising her role, co-star Mulroney would seem to be ready and willing. Over the years, he’s expressed his desire to make movie magic again. 

“I’ll tell you that movie has wormed its way further and further under my skin, and I see more and more layers of how it holds meaning and sustains as a piece, and obviously it’s always been irresistible,” Mulroney told Entertainment Weekly.

“I think there’s only about four people on Earth that could make a movie like that, and they include Rupert, Cameron, Julia, and me,” he added. “So, let’s have at it.”

Everett regularly appears in film and TV, but Diaz might be harder to convince. The “Charlie’s Angels” star has been increasingly selective with her roles as of late, joking that she had essentially “retired” from acting. 

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