KFC news: NEW fries on UK menu as – chips branded ‘SOGGY’ by brand

KFC news: NEW fries on UK menu as – chips branded ‘SOGGY’ by brand

KFC has finally addressed criticism of their chips by switching up their recipe.

The company revealed that negative responses to the brand’s fries on Twitter finally motivated it to switch up their fried potato offering.

“KFC has seriously stepped up its game with a thicker, chunkier and tastier spud,” the brand announced.

In a press release it revealed three tweets that inspired the change.

They were: “Dear KFC, No one likes your fries. Yours sincerely, the entire world,” @upgrade_music

“Why is KFC so good at chicken but so bad at fries?” @adumonline

“KFC are riding solely on their chicken because Christ, those are crap fries.” @CharlieJBurness

Responding to the harsh criticism, KFC has said: “Three tweets. Three emotional daggers. They took a matter of moments to write, but they’ve lingered long and heavily in our hearts.

“Instead of crying into our (soggy) fries, we’ve decided to take action. Radical, potato-fuelled action.”

The fried chicken fast food company claims to have embarked on the search for the perfect chip.

They said: “KFC tested virtually every type of potato and cut to find the perfect variety.

“As well as standing taller and wider (all the better for dipping with), the whole spud is used with the skin left on for a natural, rustic appearance and amazing taste.”

KFC claims the new fries have been a success when tested at restaurants across the UK.

The new fries will be served at all KFC restaurants nationwide by 19 November.

Jack Hinchliffe, the so-called Chief Potato Enthusiast at KFC UK & Ireland comments: “We don’t change things on a whim – the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken hasn’t changed since he finalised it in 1940.

“This was different though. We heard the nation’s outcry. We read the brutal Tweets. We had to step up our fries game.

“Thicker, chunkier, tastier. Job done.”

Earlier this year a KFC chicken shortage struck the UK, causing mass panic. 

A new delivery company caused problems with the supply chain, leaving stores without meat.

The store has said: “We’ve brought a new delivery partner onboard, but they’ve had a couple of teething problems – getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex!”

Horrified fans of the fast food chain took to Twitter to express their shock.

One wrote: “Oh it’s you, unbelievable! This is a threat to the countries national security. Currently awaiting news of riots up and down the country… #wheresthechickengone.”

Another said: “Don’t think @kfc should count their chickens that they’ll get over this shortage too easy as it seems they’re in a bit of a flap… certainly the new distributors have lost that feather in their cap…. just hope they keep us a breast of the situation…” [sic]

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