Meghan Markle wedding: Celebrity trainer shares fitness plan for Prince Harry’s bride | Diets | Life & Style

Meghan Markle wedding: Celebrity trainer shares fitness plan for Prince Harry’s bride | Diets | Life & Style

Meghan Markle, 36, will marry Prince Harry, 33, this May in what is sure to be a lavish wedding.

With the eyes of the world sure to be watching, Meghan will want to look her best.

It has already been revealed she is following the same diet plan Kate Middleton used to trim down for her 2011 wedding to Prince William.

And now celebrity personal trainer Paulette Sybliss has revealed the workout plan Meghan should follow to ensure she is in tip top shape.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Paulette said: “Meghan is already in great shape so to ensure she looks spectacular for her big day and has the perfect bikini body on her honeymoon I would recommend she focus on a balanced workout routine, some resistance training and some yoga, which she loves to do.

“Also some selected cardio that will get every part of her body toned and in amazing shape.

“Meghan’s dress is bound to be breathtaking and may well show off her upper body.

“Pairing exercises together in the form of a superset or triset (two or three exercises back-to-back) will be one of the best ways to get her body toned and in amazing shape in a shorter period. This style of training is great for burning calories during training as well as after her workouts have ended.”

Paulette then shared specific moves for Meghan to follow:

Chest and Back: As these are larger body parts, she should aim to do compound exercises. As well as working more than one muscle group at a time, compound exercises also create a bigger calorie burn both during training and once her training sessions are over.

Pairing the chest and back together will also mean her triceps and biceps will get worked on during that session. Two great exercises would be the push up for her chest and barbell rows for her back.

Shoulders: Whilst the shoulders are a smaller muscle group, the shoulders really do shape and sculpt the upper body therefore Meghan should train the shoulders on a separate day. The shoulder joint needs to be worked from the top, side, front and (often forgotten about) from the back.

Her first super set should be dumbbell presses to work the top of her shoulders and lateral raises for the side of her shoulders. The next superset would be dumbbell front raises to work the front of the shoulders paired with seated bent over rows to work the back of her shoulders.

Legs and Bum: Meghan can perform a triset that will work all these areas in one session. The glute bridge is excellent for shaping the bum, next the goblet squat is great for the legs and the wider stance of this exercise will also help to tone her inside thighs. Finally, lunges will ensure the front and back of her legs as well as the outside thighs are not missed.

Additional exercises: Yoga and/or Pilates sessions will complement Meghan’s training in the gym. Pilates will assist in shaping her abdominals, lengthening and stretching her muscles whilst Yoga will help to further improve her posture and breathing.

Meghan doesn’t have to do endless cardio, so I would recommend she performs incline interval walks on the treadmill, no more than 3 times a week and for no more than 15 minutes at time. This is a great form of cardio that helps to lift and tone the bum as well as shaping the legs.

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