Monty Don shares top tip to prevent rats getting in your garden

Monty Don shares top tip to prevent rats getting in your garden

Pests are a nuisance, especially as they can destroy your plants and deter other wildlife from coming into your garden. Rats are one of the most common pests in British gardens. What small steps can you do to prevent them from running around your garden?

Monty said: “Because compost is made by material being digested, by bacteria and fungi and nematodes and the worms and beetles and bugs, you make it work like a recipe that you know just works and works overtime.

“So let’s look at it like a recipe.

“First thing are your ingredients. You can add almost anything that’s lived to a compost heap.

“But don’t add meat, fats or cooked material,” Monty added.

Another good tip is to put chicken wire underneath your compost to prevent rats accessing it.

You can turn it regularly, but bear in mind that other wildlife uses compost heaps too.

Unlike mice, rats can’t survive without water, therefore removing water sources from your garden could deter rats.

Remove dripping taps, secure drains, and add baffles to drainpipes.

If your rat manifestation is serious, it might be worth controlling the creatures.

To do this, contact your local council or a professional pest controller for advice.

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