New Jersey Woman Claims Her Dunkin’ Donuts Sandwich Was Crawling With Bugs

New Jersey Woman Claims Her Dunkin’ Donuts Sandwich Was Crawling With Bugs

New Jersey mom Krystle Platzer was seriously bugged by the breakfast sandwich she purchased last Thursday at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Platzer, a 34-year-old from Brick, was doing errands with her 2-year-old, Gianni, when she went to a Dunkin’ Donuts in Lakewood and ordered two bacon, egg and cheese croissants and a wrap. 

Gianni devoured one of the croissant sandwiches in the car, but Platzer didn’t eat hers until she got home. And, boy, was she shocked when she opened up the sandwich to put ketchup on it.

“I took a bite and a worm came — I swallowed the first bite — but there was a worm on my lip and it fell on the Dunkin’ Donuts wrapper,” she said, according to The Asbury Park Press. “And it was moving and I freaked out. I was on the phone actually with my mom and I started screaming and hung up on her. I said what the heck is that? And I was going to take another bite out of the sandwich and I was like, don’t even tell me that came out of the sandwich.”

That wasn’t all. Platzer looked closer at the sandwich and found more worms, larvae, flies and gnats on it. Oh, and the bacon was raw too, she said, according to

Platzer then warned her friends via a Facebook post that included lots of photos.

Platzer said that when she returned to the restaurant to complain, the owner just said he would look into it.

“I was outraged,” she told Patch New Jersey. “No refund and (he) offered me food for my baby. I said ‘No I don’t want anything ever again.’”

Dunkin’ Donuts corporate spokeswoman Olivia White told The Asbury Park Press the company sent a certified operations manager to the store to “confirm all food safety and quality standards” are being met. 

“We take matters such as this very seriously,” she said in a statement to media. “The franchisee who owns and operates the store has confirmed he has met with the guest to resolve the matter and apologize for the poor experience.”

Karl Stine, an environmental health specialist with the Ocean County Department of Health, inspected the location Friday morning and told The Asbury Park Press that “everything checked out” and he found no problems.

Meanwhile, Platzer and her son are taking pills for parasite infections. Although she used to visit Dunkin’ Donuts at least once a week, she said this gut-wrenching experience has forced some dietary changes.

“I’m done with everything,” she told the paper. “From now on, it’s all organic for me and my baby.”

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