New on Netflix Canada: The Best Movies and TV Shows for March 2019

New on Netflix Canada: The Best Movies and TV Shows for March 2019

The Highwaymen’
Starts streaming: March 29

Over 30 years ago, Kevin Costner popped on a period fedora and tracked down the country’s most infamous criminals in “The Untouchables.” He’s doing it again in “The Highwaymen,” this time as a quick-triggered Texas Ranger who comes out of retirement to catch Bonnie and Clyde. He and an ex-partner, played by Woody Harrelson, are given maximum latitude as special investigators to end a robbery and killing spree that has left 13 cops dead, along with many others. Telling the Bonnie and Clyde story from a lawman’s perspective sounds a little square, given the groundbreaking swagger of the 1967 classic starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, but there’s something to be said for playing a good story straight.

Starts streaming: March 31

The brilliant Korean genre director Bong Joon Ho (“The Host,” “Mother”) made his English-language debut with this futuristic “Ship of Fools,” in which the planet has been rendered uninhabitable and what remains of humankind is packed onto a train to nowhere. But the rules of society still apply: The have-nots are relegated to the dingy back cars of the train while the wealthy elite occupy spaces near the front, triggering a class war that threatens to send them off the tracks. Bong’s diverse cast of American, British and Korean actors gives “Snowpiercer” the right international flavor, but it’s Tilda Swinton who dominates as a Margaret Thatcher type who’s a merciless enforcer of the status quo.

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‘Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians’
Starts streaming: March 1

In December, the eight-episode Netflix documentary series “Sunderland ’Til I Die” proved to be a fascinating look at a professional sports team during a serious inflection point in its history, when it was in danger of two straight relegations to lesser leagues. Now Netflix’s latest sports-doc series, “Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians,” goes behind the scenes of a more successful franchise, the Mumbai Indians, as it tries to follow a championship year in the Indian Premier League. That’s hardly the adversity faced by Sunderland, but in the cricket-crazed city of Mumbai, the pressure to repeat is enormous.

‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’
Starts streaming: March 8

The life and death of the Formula One racer Ayrton Senna was the subject of a uniquely compelling documentary, “Senna,” told entirely through archival footage of interviews, family videos and hair-raising moments from the racetrack. Now a producer from that film, James Gay-Rees, has returned to the same world with “Formula 1: Drive to Survive,” a 10-episode series about the athletes competing for the 2018 F.I.A. Formula One Championship, which starts in Melbourne, Australia, and ends in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Maneuvering lightweight vehicles at 200 m.p.h., the drivers risk their necks every time they turn the ignition, but they are able to check their daredevil impulses through intense focus, discipline and training.

‘Arrested Development: Season 5B’
Starts streaming: March 15

Even before discussion of Jeffrey Tambor’s alleged abusiveness on set derailed promotional efforts for the first half of its fifth season, “Arrested Development” has struggled to find the same absurdist groove of its original Fox run in its Netflix revival, despite enjoying fewer creative restrictions. Yet there’s always the lingering hope that Mitchell Hurwitz’s comic serial about the life and crimes of the Bluth family could turn things around. “Season 5B” pivots around courtroom drama, as Buster (Tony Hale) stands trial for the murder of Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli).

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