No Spider-Man deal between Disney and Sony | USA TODAY

No Spider-Man deal between Disney and Sony | USA TODAY

Spider-Man may exit MCU, Sony and Disney don’t do deal.

Negotiations broke down between Disney and Sony Pictures for future Spider-Man films, sending fans into a panic.

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  1. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    SONY'S HIGHEST GROSSING FILM EVER wasn't even done 100% by SONY!! HAHA Yeah, SONY you ARE gonna be so disappointed when your Spiderman-related movies FLOP after all this too!! LOL DISNEY/MARVEL just helped you make a BILLION dollars on the recent movie, but you're not willing to renegotiate terms and giving them what they deserve in helping you make that much money??? watch that next step… it sure would suck having to reboot Spiderman a 4th time lol

  2. Wedge Wizard

    All that's left to do is throw Spiderman in the trash and dust off hands and walk away.

    You really believe they'll let Spiderman go away for no reason?
    1.1 billion profit sounds like some pretty good incentive, they aren't done milking that franchise for all it's worth, I'm not worried.
    He'll be back.

  3. Skinny Boy

    For those who are foolish enough to blame Sony entirely for Spidey's fate.
    Sony-Disney initial deal was Sony (as Spidey's owner) will finance, distribute and co-produced with Kevin Feige's Marvel Studios for Spidey's MCU solo movies.
    Sony will get 95% box office profit, while Disney (under Marvel's banner) will get 5% profit + merchandise right + theme parks right + rights to make their own Spidey's cartoon at Disney XD w/o Sony taking even 1 cent for the rights Disney get regarding Spider-Man.
    The problem right now? Disney want to co-finance Spidey's upcoming MCU solo movies (50/50 with Sony) and taking 50% gross income of the movies, not net income. That means Sony will also 100% responsible for the other expenses, while Disney just only incur cost for production, while maintaining special privileges given by Sony to Disney.
    To MCU's fandom, from here, you know who are too stupid for failing MCU's Spider-Man. Sony may known for making bad Spider-Man movies (yes, those with Garfield and Stone), but that doesn't you can't take advantage on people's difficulties.
    Disney should be grateful for bought and owned Marvel as a whole, where Marvel plays part for Disney's big profit in recent years (that's not even including Lucasfilm movies, Pixar movies and upcoming Fox franchises). They do really have too much money and customers' power, so they don't have to worry about not owning Spider-Man, unlike Sony
    As long as Sony do well in box-office and Oscars with Spider-Man while they remain faithful with its comics, Disney should just be happy with their deal with Sony. At least they able to use Spidey through the earlier deal. In fact, Sony is the one who offers the initial deal to Disney !

  4. John Mista

    Just clarification, Marvel asked to include Spider-Man and agreed to some pretty steep cuts to help propel their own films; which it did (and Sony benefits from a revitalization). In turn, Sony funded and co-produced the stand-alone films with access to creative head Kevin Feige and the greater Marvel roster. Sony would pay them a cut for it's use, but keep majority profits. After the stand-alone Spider-Man films destroyed at the box office, Disney played hardball for a larger cut and producer credit. Sony called their bluff, which was a smarter movie tbh

    With the name brand of Spider-Man and the success of onto the verse. Sony's confident they don't need Disney; which I agree

  5. Richard Immell

    As a long time Spidey fan, I was thrilled to see him with the other marvel characters. Sony has every right to want to hold onto their best characters, but I think both companies loose if they don't come to a deal. Spider man is finally a big success, in no small part because of Marvel. Sony, Marvel, you girls are both pretty, now lets get along eh?

  6. Michael Mccollum

    I think that maybe Warner's & universal need to merge,start buying up the intellectual propertys of other great series of stories,fantasy novels,comic books,and other things and build a powerhouse that REALLY competes with those assholes at Disney. Warner's should be ashamed that they so horribly screwed up the DC comics movies with the exception of the Batman movies. I mean they just seemed to not care.

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