NYPD fires officer involved in Garner's death | USA TODAY

NYPD fires officer involved in Garner's death | USA TODAY

NYPD fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who placed Eric Garner in chokehold.

Eric Garner’s cry of “I can’t breathe” became a battle cry for the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality.

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  1. John Doe

    Choke holds are an effective form of police restraint that should continue to be practiced. 👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻👮🏻

  2. Michael Jean

    I fill so sorry for the man how died by this cops this made so sad he was crying for help he can't get air but they didn't help him I so sorry to the family I sick because two president of USA didn't help there family you're blessed

  3. John smith

    0:20 FACT: if you listen carefully you will notice that NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill is a RACIST. The only reason Officer Daniel Pantaleo was fired because NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill was forced to fire his buddy Daniel Pantaleo.
    White people and Black People living in the South can clearly see how racist NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill is.
    Wake up, people look around.

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