On New Indian Condos, the Name Is Trump, and the Lure Is Meeting One

On New Indian Condos, the Name Is Trump, and the Lure Is Meeting One

The new apartment project consists of two, glittering 600-foot towers, among the tallest in the area, featuring apartments that have 22-foot-high ceilings, infinity pools and floor-to-ceiling windows. Picture lots of marble, and lots of glass.

A video included on the website of Tribeca Developers, one of the other Indian partners, features a segment of a news broadcast on the project, reiterating the promise to meet a Trump.

“Buy a flat, meet Trump Jr.!” the video says.

According to Indian news reports, the developers sold 20 units in the first day of sales in January.

Ethicists in the United States expressed concern about the conflict-of-interest issues raised by such inducements.


Trump Tower in Mumbai.

Asmita Parelkar for The New York Times

Norman L. Eisen, who was the ethics counsel for President Barack Obama, said it was “outrageous that access to the Trump family is once again being sold — this time to foreign purchasers, no less.”

He added: “This is a brazen violation of ethics best practices, but not alas a surprising one; it is of a piece with the access to the Trump family that members at domestic Trump properties get for their often steep fees.”

Richard W. Painter, who was the ethics counsel for President George W. Bush, said the India deal was “inappropriate, but legal.”

He urged the Trump children to publicly declare that they will not discuss government policy with customers. “They could dramatically reduce their risk if they categorically make it clear that they will not discuss U.S. government interests with anyone with whom they have an actual or prospective financial relationship,” Mr. Painter said.

The news release for the project, which does not mention the offer of access to Donald Trump Jr., goes on about its various bells and whistles, making the project sound something like a cruise ship — with a golf course attached.

“Residents will enjoy an exclusive collection of super luxury amenities at the Trump Club, including Gurugram’s first temperature-controlled indoor pool, spa, and fitness center with sauna, steam and massage rooms, library, lounge, games room, children’s play area, a fine-dining restaurant and business center, just to name a few,” the developers said.

The building will employ “handpicked staff” to deliver room service and park cars.

The Trump Organization, the family’s business conglomerate, already has several real estate projects in the works in India, including a new apartment building in Kolkata. This will be the fourth Trump Tower in India, which has more Trump branded properties than any other country outside North America, the developers said.

Despite a recent dip in India’s economic growth rate and a slowdown in the construction, auto and textile sectors, the country’s huge market and growing economy have remained a powerful draw for investors.

The new project will be called Trump Towers Delhi NCR. (The NCR refers to the National Capital Region).

It has 250 apartments, costing from around $800,000 to more than $1.5 million. The project is a joint venture between M3M India Pvt. Ltd, a property developer based in Gurugram, and Tribeca Developers, based in Mumbai.

Status seems to be a big draw.

“Trump Towers Delhi NCR will quickly become the most prestigious address in the city,” said Donald Trump Jr., according to the news release on the project.

Editors’ Note: January 19, 2018

An earlier version of this article quoted a man who identified himself as Amit Kumar, senior manager of Tribeca Developers, one of the Indian partners building a new Trump Towers residential property near New Delhi, India. However, after the article was posted online, an executive of Tribeca Developers denied that Mr. Kumar worked for his company. The Times was subsequently unable to confirm Mr. Kumar’s role.

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