Parents sue cruise line for toddler's death | USA TODAY

Parents sue cruise line for toddler's death | USA TODAY

An emotional interview with parents who lost their toddler after 11-story fall from a cruise ship.

The parents of Chloe Wiegand are suing Royal Caribbean after their 18-month-old toddler fell 11 stories from the ship’s open window.

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  1. Bryan Lesch

    Not everything is about a "cash grab". Sometimes people want to sue a company to make sure proper steps are taken so something similar doesn't happen again. I'm sure no amount of money will make up for the pain and suffering this family has been through.

  2. Ha Sp PL

    Wtf? He drop the child and they want millions?????
    What stupid question "why there was window open????
    Is parents responsibility to take care of their children. Grandpa thrown 18 monts baby through the window and they want to sue for millions. She is fake.

  3. Glory Grace K.

    So sorry for your loss!
    Peopel stop being evil and mean about this. This family is local to where I live so I can get more details on the local news about this. That Grandpa loved his little girl, he did not do this on purpose. They are saying that he wouldn't eat or hardly speak to anyone. Poor guy! They say the new cruise ships windows now don't open, so he probably didn't evean think of that if he had been on new ones. The little girl liked to be held to windows while she thumped on them. He took her to a lot of hockey games. After the tragedy, all he keep repeating, "I thought it was like hockey glass, I thought it was like hockey glass". They also are saying the windows in the children's play area weren't ever supposed to be open. I know that some windows like that open and the bottom and swing out. If you don't make sure it latches it can look closed, but it isn't and any kind of pressure or weight will open it from the bottom and stuff will drop out. Had a window like that at a house I use to live in. Hated that window. Who can really know what happened?

  4. Brian Hum

    Welcome to the 21st century of frivolous lawsuits; no one has to accept any responsibility for their own actions and it's always the other parties fault. "How dare you let me swim in the nile river while on safari, it's the tour groups job to protect me from the crocodiles."

    As high publicity as this case is hopefully they have to pay all the cruise ships legal fees and get counter sued for defamation; trying to bait public emotion to get an undeserved settlement is getting pretty old.

  5. markus johnson

    You people are s….t parents to leave a baby where it can crawl out of a window. Try blaming yourselves. Stop acting like the world is supposed to look out for and make up for your ineptness and down right criminal lack of responsibility.

  6. BigBearSamurai

    So was the grandpa just not paying attention or was the window low enough for the baby to just crawl out? I'm kind of confused on how this is the fault of the cruise :/ (other than the excuse of there being an open window)

  7. Sabine Around the World

    The mother shouldn't leave a toddler with an elderly relative. I'm sorry for her loss, but ultimately she brought her daughter to a place that can be perilous for children and is responsible for her daughter's whereabouts etc. There are open windows all over the place in society.

  8. Deborah Allen

    The loss of a child is always tragic! But, someone made a very bad decision and there are always consequences! The Cruise lines will pay a hefty fee for the cost of doing business! It will be the same legal avenue the elderly lady took when she dumped hot coffee on her crotch! The elderly ladies crotch lived on, but this sweet little child won't! Take responsibility people!

  9. Scott

    You know, first I am somewhat saddened by the child's death. Then I realize there is 0 fault with the cruise line and turn to having 0 sympathy for the family. If you are going to try and turn something tragic for you into putting money into your pocket, you don't deserve anyone's sympathy or support. I hope to God they lose this lawsuit. It is getting stupid that stuff like this even has the ability to go to court.

  10. Slk Ken176

    The baby had to be lifted up that high.
    The cruise ship staff didn't do that the grandfather did .There were many children there but there parents didn't hold them up to a 3 storied cruise ship window…( wonder why ? ) perhaps because it was too risky 😒 . As a result they are still here. A little common sense and accountability goes a long way in this case. The money won't help with that.

  11. lowell proctor

    people always like to blame others and try and gain something out of a bad situation, but everyone knows it was the grandfathers fault. Even the courts know it is but money can be made so they'll blame the cruise ship.

  12. yoda12

    Umm no need to sue… gramps put the baby in an open window and she fell. He said it looked like it was closed so there for it was an accident on his part not the cruise line. From the picture it was only one window opened it's just crazy how he would go directly there. I know this world so sensitive but we have to call it like it is. A preventable accident! Let baby girl rest in peace cause regardless getting a check from the cruise line or not it wont bring baby girl back. RIP sweetie

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