President Trump's 'public charge' rule blocked by federal judge | USA TODAY

President Trump's 'public charge' rule blocked by federal judge | USA TODAY

Judge blocks President Trump’s public charge rule that would have made it harder for immigrants to come to the U.S.
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The rule would have made it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal residency if they are likely to become dependent on the government.

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  1. Boss Hog Zoomer

    Trump is right. I see Americans,struggling with homelessness and other issues. We are not a Welfare State. You wanna do something for foreigners go do it yourself,with your money,outta your own pocket. Dont do it with my tax dollars.

  2. Damien Kekahuna

    There not our problem that's all these Judges do is obstruct our president for helping the country they all should be fired off there bench traders stop obstructing Trump just to try to still an election I thought a judge is supposed to stop people from doing criminal acts not supporting them put these Judges in jail traders
    Another four years Trump 2020

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