Pros and cons of Warren, Sanders' Medicare for All plan | Just The FAQs

Pros and cons of Warren, Sanders' Medicare for All plan | Just The FAQs

Medicare for All is one of the most hotly debated topics in the 2020 election. But what is it? And how will it work? We explain.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., came out swinging against the progressive plan to provide government health insurance for all Americans – and what has become a campaign mantra for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

“While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill,” Klobuchar fired at Sanders, arguing that the plan would remove millions of Americans off their private health insurance. “And on page eight – on page eight of the bill it says that we will no longer have private insurance as we know it.”

“I don’t think that’s a bold idea, I think it’s a bad idea,” she continued.

The line was a response to Sanders’ oft-repeated line that he “wrote the damn bill” that would move to a Medicare-for-All health insurance system.

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  1. captrbd21

    Hey housing for all is a right too. Give me a mansion for free Democrats. I think Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is for sale still. Food is a right for all to you better make sure you keep my fridge stocked. Oh wait Democrats are only talking about poverty level people. Even though there's so many Help Wanted signs that a lot of the people living on welfare decide they're not interested in because they're better than minimum wage they'd rather continue leaching the welfare system because they get more that way then an honest day's labor. Even incarceration for one year, the cost totals more than minimum wage. The Liberals backwards way of looking at things is raise minimum wage instead of lower the cost of living. How about we pay off college debt for those kids that went to overpriced colleges to hang out with their friends then graduate with an education level which still prevents them from writing which still prevents them from knowing how to write their own address. How about we just make things easy for them and give them more fun things to do and allow a recreation pot because alcohol doesn't cause enough problems. Do you want to know the number one reason Trump's tariff plans will fail with bringing manufacturing back to the United States? It's because our Workforce is too incompetent and lazy to handle such things. We can't even keep Simple food delivery drivers from sampling food. You have to be cautious about filing complaints with your waiter because you might get an unwanted extra ingredient in your food. It's a shame people are too dumb to realize Democrats are only going to make a bad situation worse with the dumbing down of society.

  2. Marie Jones

    PROs : the health management, DEATH care system gets richer
    people live longer to get milked DRY
    cons: people live longer and become poor and chemically dependent to finally set a date for their own euthanasia
    legally of course 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Slow Poke

    Single payer system cannot turn down approved treatments, everyone is entitled to them. Only unproven treatments. or speculative engagements. Single payer & private systems will not co-exist peacefully. Every country that had private H.C. and switched to single payer loves it and do not look back, something else you always conveniently fail to mention. PS USA Today is originally from my home town and has gained a reputation as a Repube pusher and Progressive Hater!

  4. James Smith

    It's very telling that they are only polling YOUNG PEOPLE on whether Medicare for All should be a thing. A lot of elderly people express the sentiment that they did NOT pay into Medicare for DECADES just to be forced wait in line at the hospital behind some 26 year old junkie who has never worked a day in his life. One of the BIG surprises of 2020 will be how Medicare for All drives record numbers of elderly voters into Trump's arms.

  5. Marco Blanco

    there are no pros here…. just lying, potential cons.
    The whole dem party is one big 'CON'
    Would anyone……. want to try and start a business with one of these totalitarian, liars in the White House?
    Wouldn't even be able to protect yourself from those that blow their noses at the law and kill law enforcement.

  6. mathermp

    Too early to tell? We have decades of data for what a government system would look like. It would, at best, be mediocre. Likely terrible service times, higher misdiagnosis rates, and limited options. Just like every other single payer system. No thanks!

  7. DJ Rinker

    Let's step in line. If Medicare is attacked, and that's what it is an attack, you would simply see the end of Medicare. And being honest that's what they want to achieve. They being doctors, hospital investors, and the government. ( Democrats leading the way) Start off with this. Drugs, open heart surgery, doctor visits will cost the same in California as in Arkansas. In New York as in Whyoming. We will start opening our military personnel to public care, and certify those military individuals. Want your school payed for? Then serve. No? Then get along doggies. You can have your car painted by the neighbor for $250 or pay the 8000. Pay, pay, pay. Leave Medicare alone.

  8. Michael Brown

    I guess it’s pointless to highlight the fact that socialized medicine is the worst option for our country. Anyone that has been paying attention knows that Medicare for all is another failed attempt to get a liberal elected. Someone needs to ask Biden why we need a new system already. What happened to his and Nancys’ plan? All the promises? How it was going to save everyone money, get to keep your doctor? I know, it was all lies. Obama told many lies. Now he and Michaels are buying their 15 million dollar mansion that was built on lies. Socialism will be the end. Many of our young idiot kids today don’t realize the doom associated with this bullshit plan. Instead they are now taught how to correctly gender someone, or how awful our history as Americans was. We are one election away from disaster in this country. I hope we can hold on to our great nation. Many that were far more worthy sure did fight for it.

  9. eyesalooking

    Medicare only pays 80% of what they decide the procedure is worth. You need a supplemental plan otherwise you will end up paying the difference out of pocket. You have to pay into Medicare your whole life to be eligible when you are 65. My wife's hysterectomy the doctor's bill was $5,200. Medicare deemed the doctor's fee was $1,800 and paid 80% of that. The doctor has to write off the cost that Medicare wouldn't cover or you pay the difference. This is why many doctors are not taking Medicare patients any more. Doctors have to pay for the office and staff and to pay back their college loans. Ask a doctor what they think what would happen if everyone was under Medicare for all. If this is going to be paid for by raising your taxes will the people who don't pay any taxes also get free medical care? If so who will pay for them? Are you willing to pay for other peoples medical at the expense of having money taken out of your pocket. Will the government force them to take all patients? Do you want the government dictating how much a doctor can earn? Is this the kind of America that you want. You can bet that the SEIU is salivating thinking that the Democrats will force all medical workers to join their union. If you get unions involved you will see the cost sky rocket. Also will the government take over all of the hospitals and force them to run like the Veterans hospitals? A lot to think about before you decide to let the government become your Daddy.

  10. oo7moses

    This is a really crappy deal for young people. You get taxed heavily during your prime working years, and you need health services the least during your prime. Do you really think this same system will still be around by the time you start needing more health services? Healthcare practically changes with every president now.

  11. PsydenIII

    I love how people think the Government can fix anything and that money and resources can be had with but a wave of the wand.

    I mean, Federal Student Loans dropped the price of education and enriched everyone's lives, right? Oh, wait…

  12. Sheree Starrett

    Democrats healthcare policy is Socialism!!Deadly & Dangerous!! Where more people die,good doctors leave the country and you will have to stand in line just to see a doctor!! The evil list goes on why the Leftists healthcare policies will Kill You!! God Bless our Amazing President !!😇 Trump 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾

  13. Ryan Pascual

    I don’t know an actual solution to health care system. Hospitals exist to make money. Healthcare is a business. People working in that hospital need to paid too. Some of those working in hospitals are highly trained and educated people who want / expect to be paid well. Then we have private practices, clinics and pharmacy benefit mangers. On top of that, there are things like unions and lobbyists pulling and tugging which aid to strengthen the ‘side’ they are on while placing pressure to the ‘side’ they oppose.

    These are just some other problems that pop into my head….Premiums, deductibles, whether or not healthcare providers are incentivize to prescribe treatments/ drugs from pharmaceutical company, a lack of small (good) pharmacies, mental illness and the stigma, dialysis and Davita, nursing home quality and the number of patients to nurses…. it goes on and on and on

    Healthcare has a lot of aspects and people don’t realize/ignore.

    I try to stay optimistic

  14. The West is the Best

    If we elect a Democrat in 2020 here's what's going to happen

    1. They add trillions of dollars to our spending

    2. They tax the crap out of buisness owners (rich people) in order to pay for it so the rich people pay off workers putting millions of Americans out of work

    3. Our debt will still soar, as our economy collapses under the hefty tax burden and unemployment, and other countries will stop loaning us money because we can't pay them back

    4. The value of the dollar collapses and we go into a Depression, not a recession, a Depression with millions unemployed and a debt that won't stop rising and literally it will be the end of America as we know it

    Or we can elect Trump again who's tax cuts and roll back on buisness regulations have added 5,000 points to the stock market and driven unemployment down to it's lowest point in decades

    Your choice America

  15. dstyd

    Problem with Med for all. Hundreds of thousands of jobs gone in some of their Med for all BS. Yes I think all should have it but another BS con is I who do not use medicare often now get stuck paying higher taxes just so people who don't want to work or pay the costs of medicare can have medicare. More people will move to the Medicare the government provides. The VA may be pushed out of existence forcing people who need the VA onto the Med for all where they can't get the help they need. As a Veteran I don't see benefits for lower income people. Higher income people can just opt out of the taxes under whatever reason they come up with just like Obama care. Eventually more taxes and more taxes will be paid till we have no income at all. Next will be Housing for all where we will be forced to pay taxes for people to live in apartments and normal housing. Then after that More taxes for life insurance. Then more taxes for any other thing the Dems can think of to tax the people. an internet for all.

    These people could pay for their Medicare If 1) Employers payed proper wages.
    2) We were not taxed for every little thing.
    3) If housing costs had caps so people could not randomly up the costs for no reason.
    4) if items that are required did not cost so much.

    If you want to fix the problems we have you need to first start with what is broken.
    Our criminal system is broken,
    Our Immigration system is broken,
    Our Housing system is broken,
    Our medicare system is broken,
    Our Work system is still broken,
    The FDA is broken,
    The FBI is broken,
    The DHS is broken,
    Our voting system is massively flawed,
    So much broken and I didn't even list everything.

    Crime is up. 7 times child sex offenders not in prison. 3 strikes law being ignored or was changed.

    We have so many Illegal Immigrants that we can't keep track of them and more on the way. How is it that the Immigration system broke in the first place.

    Housing costs are so high that some people end up paying almost 2/3 of their income if not half or need a second job just to meet housing cots and still be able to eat.

    Prices for medical needs are so high that IE drugs, transportation, and many other area's that you go into debt just by going to the hospital. Cancer drugs or treatment is so high even though people donate into it's research.

    people are forced to work more than 1 job just to make ends meet. People are over worked in some jobs and they always find loopholes so they can underpay people. I know from experience.

    FDA has proven they can't do their jobs like they are supposed to as they have shown that they have human hearts with greed in them.

    FBI has proven that it can't be trusted as people within have taken sides involving presidential candidates. The FBI is supposed to be neutral in politics.

    DHS is the same as the FBI.

    The Voting system is so flawed that Illegals are able to vote using dead people SS #'s.

    So much broken and they are not even considering fixing it they just want to change the country into something that will be broken even more. How is it that our government can make laws and enforce them without the peoples Vote. How can we end up with so many problems that we can't even fix them anymore.

  16. Joseph Buehrlen

    There are a lot of fax in here but a lot more personal opinion and you left out numbers like the cost of healthcare like right now of Americans aregoing to pay 50 trillion dollars in the next 10 years and if we move to a Medicaid for all it will only cost 33 trillion therefore all Americans will pay less for healthcare

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